Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Natural-looking Brow Mascara You Want?

I've found one from Kanebo!  Yes, Kanebo has an eyebrow mascara and it is very natural-looking!  This is perfect for those who dislikes colored eyebrow mascaras or those that tends to show up a bit too obvious in person and on photos.

There are 2 shades available for this particular mascara -- Neutral Grayish and Neutral Brownish.

I got the Neutral Grayish one which is perfect for those who have naturally medium to dark brow hairs. Neutral Brownish would be perfect for those who have naturally brown hair or with colored hair.

Housed in a regular mascara tube, the brush is shorter and has a bit longer bristle as compared to regular mascaras.

I like the length of the bristle, it is perfect for application as it doesn't touch my skin.  

Before and After
Neutral Grayish is the exact color of my brows!  If I wanted to match it with my hair color, I'll go for Neutral Brownish but since I like to use an eyebrow powder or pencil before using a brow mascara, it doesn't matter if I use Neutral Grayish because I can easily tint my brows using other forms of brow products.

What I wanted to share with this photo is how natural the effect is.  It looks like I don't have any brow products on but it keeps my brow hairs clean and in-place.  My brows appear a bit fuller in a super natural way so I highly recommend this for those who already have full brows but wanted to tint it subtly.

Overall, I enjoy using this product on my clients who doesn't like to have strong-looking brows.  This is my "saving grace" for clients who dislikes arched brows or brows that could appear too strong for their features.

Thankfully, the Kanebo Eyebrow Mascara is non-sticky long-wearing and works with other brow products like pencils, powders and even brow liners!  This is a great addition to my brow kit!

Kanebo Eyebrow Mascara is available at Kanebo counters Rustans.  Priced locally at Php1,680.00.

Do you like brow mascaras that tint?  
Or do you prefer one that looks natural like this one from Kanebo?

For more information, like Kanebo Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

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  1. This is very natural lately I'm more of a browcara user than powder user though I hate when it clings on my skin.

    1. ah yes, this is extremely natural, i like it


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