Sunday, April 8, 2018

Eureka Moment: Drip Coffee Made Easy!

Seriously, do I have to mention it again?
I an a coffee-lover.

I have different kinds and types of coffee ready at home so it always feel like you're in a coffee shop if you have a coffee session with me at home!

It started when my brother was also sending me various coffee paraphernalias (okay, that does not sound right) but yes, we have coffee machine, bialetti, etc...

Would you believe I still settle for 3-in-1 instant coffee most of the time?  I can hear gasp down here!  Well, I am almost ALWAYS on a rush so waiting for coffee to "brew" and turning on the machine, waiting for it to "warm up" really takes up so much time!  

But truthfully, I crave for the taste of brewed coffee and thankfully, my friends have been gifting me various DRIP-On coffee and to be honest?  I am not as impressed as the ones that are really brewed to goodness!

Until recently, I've tried KEY COFFEE Drip-On (Php410.00)- first introduced in Japan as the first premium single-serve coffee brew system!

a photo of KEY COFFEE Drip-On review

The best part?  They also got a DRIP-On Variety pack as I am someone who is VERY Loyal to my husband but not with coffee #lol

The Drip On Variety Pack contains Special Blend, Mocha Blend, Original Blend, Kilimanjaro Blend and Prime Origins (the flavors varies in season so that makes it even more exciting!) 

a photo of KEY COFFEE Drip-On review

Now, shall we start brewing?  Let me also show you how quick and easy it is to prepare I even bought this with me during my recent out-of-town trip!

a photo of KEY COFFEE Drip-On review

You only need to have hot water.

a photo of KEY COFFEE Drip-On review

Open the pack, pour hot water, wait for a couple of minutes and it's ready!  Instant 100% Arabica coffee you got there!

a photo of KEY COFFEE Drip-On review

When I posted this, a lot of you messaged me through social media on how and where to purchase this!  Kindly visit and you may purchase this online less 10% off with the code "KCDRIP10", it's free shipping for you guys too!  YAY Right?

a photo of KEY COFFEE Drip-On review

*sigh* so happy right now, I can't wait to hoard more!  Trust me when I say, this is GOOD coffee and I seldom say that for instant!

For more information, visit, follow them on Instagram.

Have you tried Drip-On coffee?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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