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Ellana Sheer Velvet HD Powder Review

I remember those times when "Mica Powders" are IN!  

From the most sought after Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Powder to no-brand that I purchase from online stores in the US --- they arrive in "tubs" by the way and I still have them today!

But truthfully, they all belong inside my professional make up KIT because a long time AMW reader would understand why I don't need them. 

I have VERY DRY SKIN and most of the time, Mica Powders dry them out even more and create rough patches!

AMW wears Ellana Sheer Velvet HD Powder

Not until I've tried the Ellana Sheer Velvet HD Powder!  Thankful for the brand for supporting my AMW Workshop Series Last year, they gave each participant their own Sheer Velvet HD Powder and I was able to try one!

Sheer Velvet HD Powder 
Refill: Php599.00
with Jar: Php798.00

Our Sheer Velvet HD Powder, as a primer smoothens your skin, making it a good canvas for any makeup look. As a setting powder, it controls oil in your oily spots. Just pat the product on those areas and watch the magic happen! This will surely give you an airbrushed finish and save you from that buttery look.

I highly recommend those who plan to purchase to always go with the JAR as these could get messy!  I am thankful though that the brand created refills in paper package which is environmental friendly!  So after your first purchase with JAR --- kindly repurchase the refills to help save Mother Earth okay?

Now let's talk about the product!

This product is "pegged" to be a primer and setting powder and I actually see why this can be a primer.  The product makes your skin extra soft and smooth you won't believe you're touching your own skin!  

The powders are finely milled, super smooth and works in so many ways!  

This works as a primer if you are a powder foundation user, apply a layer of this before you apply your favorite powder foundation as it will help lessen the look of lines, wrinkles and pores.

As a setting powder, this absorbs oil in an instant without moving your makeup.  This can also refresh your skin making it look bright and flawless in almost an instant!

The only downside is that the powder is extremely messy!  Because these are finely milled and very lightweight, it flies EVERYWHERE especially when you transfer the product from refill sachet to the jar!  Even when I use them, I tend to sneeze a bit so if you have allergic reactions to loose powder, maybe, opt for a pressed version as I believe they have it!

Now, the good news is, I think this product works for ALL skin types!  I have dry patches but it never enhance those areas, instead, it creates a smooth canvass for me to perfectly apply my powder foundation (as a primer) and helps set and reduce oil on my t-zone where it gets sweaty and oily due to crazy weather (as setting powder).

Overall, I am impressed and will highly recommend this product.

Do you have another Ellana recommendation?

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