Saturday, July 7, 2018

AskMeMom: Erceflora ProbiBears Review

When Kyle turned 3 years old, he was the mini version of FLASH the superhero and I'm not pulling your arm when I tell you --- this boy has the energy of a wrestler bottled in a kid's body!  He runs around so quickly I had a hard time chasing him and mine you, I am really good in running!  I used to join Track and Field!  

Oo na, he obviously got his energy from me!  Kyle is not a picky eater, he can eat Ampalaya (Bittergourd) like a construction worker and he loves his milk!  Unfortunately, Kyle got his dad's weak tummy!  We tend to just stick to one brand of milk and you wouldn't believe when I tell you he had upset tummy immediately after I let him drink my favorite Iced Tea!  

As advised by his Doctor, it is best to add Probiotic Supplement to help tummy problems and it can also help ease diarrhea and constipation!  

Kyle takes his medicine like an adult too!  I don't do the "flying airplane" method as he readily opens his mouth as long as he knew what that is for!

But, since he already have his fair share of vitamins and supplements!  I wanted to add Probiotic Supplement in a fun way!  Thankfully, there's Erceflora ProbiBears!

Kyle started to develop his sweet-tooth when he started preschool!  He must've seen his classmates eat their reward lollipops and candies!  So thankfully, Erceflora ProbiBears falls into the category of somewhat like a "reward" milk candy (Yes, I've tried them too!)

Erceflora ProbiBears is a yummy tummy supplement with the combined 2-in-1 PROBIO-BOOSTER of not just Lactobacillus acidophilus, but also Bifidobacterium lactis – good bacteria that help prevent gut problems such as diarrhea, upset stomach, and other digestive illnesses to help keep kids happy and healthy every day.It’s the delicious and healthy way to strengthen your child’s tummy in yummy chewable bears!Lactobacillus is good bacteria that are present in a lot of food. A study has shown that Lactobacillus was an effective treatment against infant colic and even helped improve immunity. Bifidobacterium, on the other hand, helps ease digestive issues such as bloating and flatulence. It also has a longer shelf life.

So Kyle likes to read the label first (serious to!)

Take a quick look on how "nice" the product looks.
Thankfully, they are bear-shaped so it's cute!

He puts it in his mouth and it melts so smooth like a milk chocolate candy!
We were waiting for our dinner back then for Father's Day celebration so I had to stop him from taking more than 2!

Now this is turning out to be Kyle's "reward candy".  He asks for "ProbiBear" every after breakfast and I happily give him one! 

After more than a week of eating a "Bear" a day, I've realized a couple of things---

  • I changed his milk brand and thankfully, no upset stomach!  I am now buying different Fresh Milk brands from the supermarket so he doesn't get tired of the taste!  
  • His bowel movement is better than before!  At times, it used to take him 3-4 days before he does Number 2!  As of today, I'm happy to announce that the maximum of waiting time is 2 days!
  • It doesn't hurt that my reward candy does him good!
Please note fellow mommies that not all child are the same!  It may work quickly on mine but it doesn't mean your child will have the same result as Kyle!  I am just sharing my experience based from what I see!

Erceflora ProbiBears is available at select Mercury Drug and South Star Drug branches for only Php540 SRP per Box of 20s.

Mommies, do you include Probiotics to your kid's diet?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Expensive masyado .. 133.00 for 4 pcs. Sa mercury. Sa apat ang anakna katulad ko, everyday 133.00 kailangan ko para ipangbili nyan. Sana man lang may wholesale price


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