Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Nail Art Tutorial: Cosmic Nails

I planned another nail art tutorial for you but when I opened my box of Nail Art Tools, all my materials from 2-Way Nail Art Pens to my favorite L.A. Colors Art Deco polishes are dried out --- come on, 5 long years of not using them?  Siyempre naman!

So instead of sulking, I've decided to pick a sponge and create Cosmic Inspired Nail Art Design.  Since my son is so much into Space, my nails immediately puts a big smile on his cute li'l face!

What you need: 
Sponge, Base Shade and at least 2 shades to create gradient nails.
Lastly, let's not forget that quick dry top coat because I'm always rushing!

a photo of Cosmic inspired nail art tutorial by Nikki tiu of

Step 1:
I picked a nude colored polish from Inglot under their O2M Breathable Nail Enamel Line.  The shade is in 677.

a photo of Cosmic inspired nail art tutorial by Nikki tiu of

Applied 2 coats and let dry --- COMPLETELY DRY.

Step 2:
Girlstuff Nail Lacquer in Soiree reminds me so much of Space.  So I picked this one up and used a sponge (Etude House Brush sponge that I haven't used forever!).  Apply a good amount as shown on photo below and gently dab on your nails.

Step 3:
I honestly think silver glitters would look best on this nail art design but since I can't find one and it was 12mn *laughs*  Picked Girlstuff Nail Lacquer in HOPE directly on the tips of the nails and gently blend downwards without adding polish.  

At the latter part, I've decided to at a tiny bit at the bottom of the nails to create that "Dripping Glitter" effect.

Step 4:
Once everything is completely dry, apply a good amount of Girlstuff Fast Dry Top Coat because this will protect your art at the same time, adds shine and let it dry pretty quickly!

Very simple Cosmic Nails!

a photo of Cosmic inspired nail art tutorial by Nikki tiu of

Do you like this design?

Do you think it's easy to do?

Inglot Nail Lacquers are available in Inglot Stores Nationwide.
Girlstuff Nail Lacquers are available kiosks and online.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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