Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend Food Trip at: Rackshack, SM Aura

When you pass by a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon and you see it packed with people dining, you'd want to give it a try too right?

Well, that's for our case!  Whether it's 2pm or 3pm or even at weird hours like 4pm!  Whenever we see a new restaurant packed with happy customers, we just had to go in --- it's exactly like me seeing a new collection of makeup displayed!  

I had a quick work  stint at SM Aura and I had Kyle, Mr. AMW with me!  They waited for me at the toy store and what to do after we reunited?  Bond over food!

Rackshack has been around for quite some time and I've seen some posts on Instagram.  Whenever you see a pile of different BBQ sauces piled right on the table, you know you'll find something you like for sure!

First off, we weren't that hungry so we've decided to try the basics ---

Carnitas Plate
Mexican style slow-cooked pork infused with smoky flavor.

True enough, the prok is so tender it falls off the bone!  The only thing is that, you chew on some small bits and pieces of bones in between bites!  I wish they offer bigger servings as ordering another plate would make me feel like an elephant but for the price, I wish they give out bigger portion!

Crack Fried Calamari
This order may be under the Appetizer section of the menu but it takes time for them to bring out this dish!  This is, surprisingly, my favorite dish out of everything I've tried that day!  I even ordered 2nd round (but took more than 30 minutes to arrive s we had this wrapped for to-go!) because the Squid is so tender and fresh I didn't even suffer allergic reactions!  

 Creole Garlic Shrimps
I was expecting so much for this dish.  It is spicy, has the right taste but the shrimps used are those coming from frozen packs in groceries.  I would know, as I buy them in bulk at Superstores!  Because these are from frozen shrimp packs, they aren't as flavorful as what my tongue was craving for!

Based from my reviews on the 3 dishes we've tried, I wasn't as impressed but hey, I'm not putting an end to this review as I plan to return and try out their other dishes!

BUT!  I forgot to share that we also ordered Texas Hot Link (Php185.00 for single order), it is a sausage and I didn't take a photo of it because it definitely didn't pass our taste!  It tastes dry, the flavor isn't what we expected so we'd rather just give it a rest and didn't eat the rest of it after just a bite or 2.

Have you tried any restaurant that EVERYONE seems to like but you don't seem to enjoy?
Will you go back?

We definitely will, I'll give this another try!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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