Wednesday, August 8, 2018

5 Healthy Nails Commandment

Search on Google on "Tips on How to Have Healthy Nails", you'll get a long list of articles telling you what you already know.

I know in my heart these tips but there are a few tips that are meant to be repeated because they really matter!  They matter because I forgot about these tips myself and have done some damage to my nails --- so Help Me, Lord..I am sorry my dear nails!

Now back to my tips!  Let's do this by number so it'll be easier for you to read okay?

Let's call these my version of a 5 Healthy Nails Commandment!

1. No need to cut your cuticles.

Top 1 commandment because I have been making the mistake of cutting my cuticles as early as highschool days!  And true enough, I am suffering from ugly cuticles (which you can see on most of my nail photos!).  My cuticles are dry and it looks thick and uneven whenever I missed a trip to the salon.  How to deal with thick and dry cuticles, go for my 2nd commandment.

2. Apply Cuticle cream or gel.
Once your cuticle is soft, gently push your cuticles with a cuticle stick and apply cuticle remover gel or cream and gently push your cuticles with a cuticle stick.  Most articles would stop from there, as for me, invest on a good hand and nail cream, yes I am highlighting nail creams because regular hand creams won't be enough!  Your cuticle needs extra pampering and that skin tends to be thicker than the rest of your body so you need an emollient cuticle product.

Orly has a Rich Renewal Hydrating Creme for Hands, Feet and Body which works really well!

a photo of Orly Rich Renewal Hydrating Creme

3. Invest on a good nail file.
I've used several inexpensive (okay, I was being nice, I've used cheap-ass) nail files in the past and true enough, they don't do good to your nails.  And since we are on the topic of investing a good nail file, remember to STOP sawing your nails back and forth like no tomorrow when you file them!

The right way to file is to file from one side going to the center in ONE direction lifting the file away from your nail whenever you want to start filing again.  In this manner, your tips won't be frayed and there won't be any possible breakage on your nails from extreme friction.

This Orly nail file is worth it!  I've used it for so many years before I changed it to a new one!
A photo of Orly nail file

4. Use Nail Hardeners or Base Coat that gives extra TLC to your nails.
Nail Hardneners can make your nails stronger.  I remembered after trying out Gel Nails, my nails was stripped off so badly by an inexperienced staff I was left with paper-thin nails (no joke!) 

Thankfully, I have a good Nail Revive from Girlstuff which I used for a good 2 weeks alone and because of regular application, my nails are back to its' original stage.

a photo of GirlStuff Nail Revive

Please keep in mind that you can't expect results right away, you have to apply such product regularly. 

Oh and did you know that if you suffer from thin, chipping nails, there is such thing as Nail Hardener?  It's a new product from Girlstuff and I'm so glad I got my hands on it!  I have been sporting bare nails for the past week and it looks nice with 2 coats of Nail Hardener.  

a photo of GirlStuff Nail Hardener

Thankfully, it does not only look good but it brought back the healthy-looking, thick nails that I love!

a photo of GirlStuff Nail Hardener

5. Use Oil-based Nail Polish Remover instead of your usual Acetone.
Remember those days when Nail Polish Remover strips off not only your polish but also the first layer of your nails leaving white marks on it?  Gone are the days I still pick those up ever since I get to know Oil-based Nail Polish Removers.

One that I have tried and worked in removing poslish and keeping my nails clean and hydrated is from TenTen.

So far, the list could go on and on but these are the top 5 that I learned through 2 decades of tinkering with my nails!  YES 2 decades because I started really young!  I started applying polish way earlier than applying makeup!  

What other nail care tips can you share to us?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I have tiny nails so i depend on stock on nails when there is a need for them to be auper polished


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