Thursday, August 30, 2018

Eureka Moment! A Nail Hardener Plus MORE!

I know I've talked highly about Girlstuff for so many years now!  Even way before I get to meet the owner, I was a proud user because I love the fact that these polishes are safe for my nails!  They are indeed gentle because I can leave them for quite some time and my nails won't turn yellow.

I love Nail Revive so much, it is the product I used when my nails was murdered by a nail technician when I was randomly looking for a place to remove my gel.  It lives up to its' name --- Nail Revive --- my nails were back to normal in a week or two.

Now, EUREKA MOMENT (Nails Edition)!

I've found another Girlstuff product that's worth the space on my blog (and mention).  They introduced their newest nail care product called Girlstuff Nail Hardener this month and I've been using it a lot - not just as a nail care product but as a polish!  

Remember those times you were looking for a perfect nude-colored polish to complete that French Tip?  Or you are a type who don't like to wear color but wanted to clean digits look?

And guess what?  They also keep your nails harder and stronger!

And I realized, I put in so much "exclamation points" in this post because I am THAT excited!

Girlstuff Nail Hardener strengthens and hardens our nails with the help of Keratin.  A coat of Nail Hardener can build a second nail protection. It really helps because I my thumbnail recently cracked at the center!  And I immediately applied 2 coats of nail hardener upon arrival in the Philippines, and here I go typing away like there's no issue!

Any Eureka Moment from you guys?
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Girlstuff Nail Revive is available at Girlstuff outlets and online .

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  1. Might need this because I have REALLY fragile nails. As in nabibiyak sya sa gitna pa :(

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

  2. Ang saya naman nitong product na to. First to encounter something like this.

    Skin Whitening Philippines Ultimate Guide

    1. hehehe please use such product, your nails will thank you

  3. I have really fragile nails and I just used it after my gel polish removal. I feel like my nails are noticeably stronger.


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