Sunday, August 26, 2018

Revisiting Oedo Japanese Restaurant, Banawe

If it's a non-working Holiday, we make it a point to really enjoy it as HOLIDAY.  
We may still be in the Metro but we make sure to do everything in our might to finish off whatever tasks left undone and celebrate in a simplest yet most memorable manner - with the help of food of course!

One of our favorite Japanese restaurant hidden at the corner of Banawe is called OEDO Japanese Restaurant.  The first time we dined there, it took us 20 minutes to wait for our seat and it was dinner time.  So we've decided to eat during off-peak hours because we wanted to enjoy the not so crowded restaurant for a change!

 We tried to order something we never ordered before, but of course, we came back for some favorites still!  Like this Takoyaki Balls!

Octopus Balls
It will take time for them to prepare this so make sure you order something else and leave a space in your tummy for freshly made Takoyaki Octopus Balls just like those in Japan!


Monster Maki
Whenever I pick my Maki, I always ask for the "crunchy" ones.  The choice was trimmed down to this one because I can't eat spicy food!  This one comes with fresh salmon, crunchy cucumber, crabstick and the right amount of cheese.  My favorite that day!  Can you guess how many rolls I ate? :P

 Mixed Yakitori (Our Choices)
Php50.00-120.00 per stick depending on meat.

I find these sticks to be lack of flavor, we had to ask for a separate sauce.  I know some like their meat bland and with that nice grilled flavor, you get it here!

Katsu Curry
Whenever I go to Japanese restaurants, I always take a peek at their "Curry" page if they have it.   True enough Oedo serves curry and I went for the safest bet, the Pork Katsu curry and I asked them to separate the sauce as #yayaTab shares this huge dish with Kyle!

And of course, there's a nearby mini grocery and they sell various Japanese merchandise.  I was able to purchase DOJO ice cream cup in Cereal Milk for Kyle and he enjoyed it a lot (See cover photo).  And of course, the place has a great ambiance for dates, I had so much fun bonding with the family on a special holiday.

Oedo Japanese Restaurant
105 Santo Domingo Corner Sgt. Alcaraz Avenue, 
Santo Domingo, Banawe, Quezon City
Tel. No: 02 2469069 ext:274

Have you dined in this restaurant?
Any other Banawe based Restaurant suggestions?  As I always stay in this area while waiting for Kyle in School!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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