Sunday, November 11, 2018

It's All About Giving Today (and the days to come!)

In the AMW-household, you'll find a LOT of Unilever products, so when I was invited by Unilever to join their Unilever x Shopee All About Giving campaign (a special e-commerce partnership between the 2 for Holiday), I had to be there!  And what made the event even more special?  The fact that I can listen to the Shopee's First Christmas Ambassador - Jose Mari Chan sings live!  (Kinikilig ako just talking about it!)

In today's event, I was able to watch Ben & Ben singing Live onstage!  I've known this group when I watched them on TV and guess what?  Their voices and talent are even more amazing in PERSON!  I mean I was already impressed when I watched them on TV but the goosebumps were real!

Heard their new single "Branches" which will be available on Spotify!

Hearing how this group came about was just amazing!  One takeaway?  You get a lot of ideas when you eat together!  :D  Sabi na nga ba, food is life talaga!

After 5 songs from Ben & Ben, the Itchyworms came right in and played all their hit songs!  I am so happy they played "Akin Ka Na Lang" and I was singing along with them all throughout the song!

I also enjoyed the quick interview session because these guys are funny!

And lastly, the Grandfather of Christmas season (as they say) and the newest Ambassador of Shopee - Jose Mari Chan came in singing Christmas songs and several hits!  I love how he tells wonderful stories before singing a song - his voice was so soothing I felt like a kid with a grandpa by her side!

And of course, everyone sang along with him when he sang "Christmas in Our Hearts".

And super inggit ako, he picked girls from the audience to sing with him "Please Be Careful with My Heart".  Guys, memorize ko siya by heart, nahiya lang talaga akong mag raise ng hands! :P

And do you know that he's not only a great singer but a talented composer?  I just learned last night that "Mamang Sorbetero" is actually his piece!  He wrote it!

I just had to say, Congratulation to my Mei Mei Trixie for hosting so well!

Aside from watching great performances during the LIVE JAMMING session, Shopee gave away a lot of prizes for those who watch the FB live at home!  There were a couple of Unilever kits given away too!

And that's not it, today, Shopee features exclusive deals to celebrate their collaboration.  Check out this website to know more about great deals! (

Deals from Unilever:

  • Tresemme up to 50% off
  • St. Ives up to 50% off
  • Dove up to 40% off
  • Unilever Homecare products up to 30% off
  • Unilever foods products up to 40% off
  • Mystery boxes for only Php99.00
You must watch out for Flash Sales today and don't forget to use the code: "ShopeexUL" and get 20% off when you buy Php1,000.00 worth of Unilever Items.  And that's not all, to make shopping even more exciting and worth it?  FREE SHIPPING on all Unilever Products for today! 

 It's definitely the season for ALL ABOUT GIVING!

Some of my favorite Unilever items I will shop on - Close Up, Breeze, Cream Silk, etc...!

Have you hopped on Shopee website?

What will you shop for?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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