Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Essentials Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep!

That's all I've been doing as I cannot handle the traffic and busy schedule nowadays.

Thanks to online shopping app like Honestbee who has been consistently partnering with my favorite supermarket and stores! 

This time, with Shopwise!

And truthfully, this happened to me so many times!  Though I do my groceries once or twice a week when my son is in school, I always ended up "missing an ingredient" whenever I start cooking!  I guess I get easily distracted whenever I go from aisle to aisle purchasing items I don't need instead of things I really need.

And the best part?  I do not need to carry these items from the supermarket down to the parking lot!  Seriously, ang bigat minsan ha!

So to help me get through the jam packed times, Honestbee, Asia's fastest growing food service has partnered with another leading hypermarket chain (one of my favorite!)  --- SHOPWISE.

And because of this app, I can now bring everything I need especially for Holiday Gifting essentials straight to my doorstep!  Brands such as Papa Alfredo, Sunharvest, SnapMax and Southdale Farm, and also quality affordable wines from French Cellar, Wine Makers Reserve, and Red Peak to complete you holiday dinners.

And what excites me the most?  The fact that Shopwise always gives to most competitive pricing and unique finds that I can't seem to find in other supermarket!

Check out my loot from Shopwise!

Have you tried honestbee app?  What's your favorite restaurant/supermarket/hypermarket chain?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Our christmas party is saved by honestbee hahaha

    1. Nagsisi ako, I kinda have a lot of ingredients missing pa sana I ordered more!


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