Friday, March 22, 2019

Anello Summer 2019

Anello once again did it with 2019 Summer Collection.  I passed by their store at Robinsons Manila branch and this greeted me.

I featured their Holiday Collection last year and it was a hit whenever I use their bags!  Their fashionable, functional and mom-friendly!

This Summer season, Anello turns to nature as inspiration with a series of natural colors and patterns that gives that refreshing summer vibe. The classic shape backpack and shoulder bag takes on a slimmer shape yet still boasts of functionality and versatility. True to what Anello has always been known for. 

Anello is a type of bag brand that works for all ages!  As I'm inside the store choosing for my perfect design, I see students, teenagers, a whole lot of working age group and even moms and dads coming in searching for THE PERFECT BAG!  

I even bumped into my godparents as they were aiming for the messenger bag which looks hip on them by the way!  

As for me, I am used to being decisive but I had a hard time picking my sling bag as I ended up with these top 3 choices!

Can you guess the winner?  I'll showcase my Summer bag on IG soon!

Because Mr. AMW saw the spark in my eyes - he bought me another bag!  It was a choice between these 2!

Anello Summer Collection is available at all 36 Anello Stores nationwide.  For more information visit Anello Philippines Official on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

Have you found something you like from this year's summer collection?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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