Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Personal Thoughts on Blogging

So many times over the past decade plus, a lot of my friends and readers asked me this question: "Why do you still blog?  Don't you even have writer's block?"

It may sound like a huge "yabang" to you but I seriously never had one --- siguro naman gets niyo na ever since Instagram Stories was invented --- you understood naman how talkative I am right?  (Even my Coach was amazed how I can blab during the most intense boxing session!)

Aside from my talkativeness, this space... means so much to me.  You all seen my journey when I was just starting out, the time I pursued  Make Up Artistry to becoming a Make Up Trainer today.  How I juggled having a day job to being a freelancer wearing multiple hats.  The time my mom fell into depression to the time I tried to have baby and finally made it! (Look!  Kyle is already 6!)  

As to every single posts that seems to be very pointless at some point - why do I keep on reviewing Lipsticks, blush, foundation etc... when there's a whole lot of other people who does the same?  

Well, aside from the fact that I'm enjoying all these (kahit na hardwork talaga siya), I see a couple of views per post (not a lot!) but every single view means so much to me!  Whether there's just a handful of you or thousands of you on good days,   as long as someone is interested to hear me out, to read what's on my mind... I will still be here!  

But I do missed those days when I see comments, people asking questions regarding the product or service I posted.  Or days I just receive comments asking me how I am!  But I guess times have changed especially with the existence of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

Do I feel bad about the changing times?


Of course not!  I just go with the flow and just continue to do what makes me happy.  

Just like this MAC Compact Powder which I first purchased for the sake of review a decade plus ago!  Looking at my old posts makes me cringe yet smile all at the same time!  

So what's the point of this post?

Wala naman! :P 

But I just want to say THANK YOU, if you are here, reading my posts no matter how repetitive they seem to be!  I love you from the bottom of my heart for making me Ms. AMW or Mrs. AMW or Mommy AMW.  Thank you for continuously asking me questions and for being so nice to me because NONE of you bashed me on my wrong grammar and spelling ---> because who in the hell have time to proof read if you have gazillion things to do?  (Not me obviously)

But THANK YOU, THANK YOU for staying put.  This is not a special anniversary post or anything, this is how random gratitude is and I am "encapsulating" gratitude in a short post!

Have a wonderful day ahead and stay HAPPY!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Keep on working, great job!

  2. Hi . A Fan here for about 4 yrs ago. Na enjoy ko din yung mga Ig stories mo. Dami ko natutunan about sa mga featured product na share mo. God bless. 😊 - irene


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