Sunday, June 30, 2019

Weekend Food Trip at: Dimsum Place, Fishermall

Whenever I visit my parents in Sta. Mesa, we always find ourselves either in SM Sta. Mesa or Fishermall.  There are only a few choices of restaurants on both malls but we have our favorites.

Fishermall housed a lot of fast food chains but there are a few restaurants I would call "Comfortable" enough for the whole family!  One restaurant we visited twice in a month is called Dimsum Place, I would call this restaurant very similar to Tim Ho Wan (due to the availability of Pork Buns) but has wider range of menu!

Trust me when I say WIDER because they have almost everything you are looking for in a CHINESE restaurant - well, except a Chinese Manager who would get your orders in Chinese *lol*

Baked Barbecue Pork Bun

This earns thumbs up from me!  The bread is quite close to the ones we love at Tim Ho Wan but sweeter. 

The pork is very saucy and I like how everything was crumby and soft and melts in your mouth!
For the price, it was worth getting 2 orders or 3!

Lumpia Shanghai 

Unfortunately, NOT A FAN of their Lumpia Shanghai, I ordered 2x for the past 2 visit because I forgot how we didn't like the taste of it, even the sauce just does not taste right!  That's just me because I am very particular with Lumpia Shanghai because I've tasted a lot of good ones that are priced similarly (ex. Lam Tin's very good!)

Asado Fried Rice 

Nothing spectacular but tastes okay if you love fried rice!

Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce

Newly added dish and this is a must-try!  Though this sounds very simple and something you can cook at home, well, this will surprise you as the beef strips are super tender and the sauce is really perfect!  Perfect on top of hot steaming plain rice!

Stuffed Tofu

Another Must-Try.  We re-ordered this again as we love the soft tofu on the outside with pork on the inside.  This reminds me so much of my mom's cooking and it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside on every bite!

Overall, there could be a bit of miss in some food but I love most of the dishes they serve.  The price points are good and serving size is just right!  If you are craving for Chinese food and you don't like the long waiting time and complicated menu, go for Dimsum Place.  They get crowded on weekends by the way so better go there early!

Dimsum Place
Fisher Mall
Quezon Ave, Cor Roosevelt Ave, Quezon City, 1500 Metro Manila

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Stay happy!


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