Friday, July 12, 2019

Girlstuff Press On Nails Review

By the time you are reading or "watching" this, you probably haven't heard about this or maybe, if you visit a Girlstuff kiosk, that's when you realize: "Oh!  You guys have these!"   

Because I was told by the brand that they haven't go all out announcing these newest products from because --- these press on nails are painted by REAL nail artists --- one by one so you get really nice quality nail art designs!  

As for me, eventhough I was impressed with the designs, I've been very particular with my nails, they may look awful most of the time (hello Boxing and hello Cooking!)  But, I know when to say no to products or services I think wouldn't match my lifestyle.

Such as press on nails! How can I work with these?  Well, I'll tell you more about it after this short video.  I recorded this video to show you how easy it is to apply this product even for first timers like ME!

I was able to wear these Girlstuff Press On Nails for about 4 days, why doesn't it last a week you say?  Well, if I wanted it to last a week, I can actually wear them longer, I just felt like my nails was getting longer (yes, they grow fast) so there is a tiny gap below the press on nails making it difficult to "style" my hair!  But yes, I was able to cook with them, do my usual workout routine (boxing!)  and they stayed!  Like seriously STAYED!  

How to remove them?  I was told just to soak my nails in warm water and gently pry off with a cuticle remover tool and thankfully, nails are still healthy and intact!  

Do I recommend using these for busy moms?  Yes and NO, yes when you have someone to meet or occasions to attend to and you just don't have enough time to do your nails or to go to a salon.  NO - if you are extremely busy with your hands, it will be a bit of effort to have them on your nails for too long!  (that's just me)  But seriously, these nails are "kick ass" if I am allowed to use those words!  They felt weird on first application but on the next hour, it felt like my own nails, I can type really fast with them and do my usual tasks with them without that awkward feeling!  Best of all?  I've got instant beautiful nails in less than 5 minutes!

Priced at Php450.00 a set, head on to any Girlstuff Kiosk and ask for these!  Choose your favorite designs too and don't forget to show me your nails if you were able to try them!

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