Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner in Valley Review

I haven't used liquid eyeliner in gazillion years!
Well, that's how I felt as I have been super comfortable going out without eyeliner lately - start of 2019 to be exact...or shall I say, when I start going to the gym and realized I love going around without makeup?  Or tamad na lang ako? hahaha

But truth be told, the liquid eyeliners I have been using on rotation are --- K-Palette and Kate.

If you checked out both reviews, they are the pen-type liquid liner!  For me, it is the easiest liquid liner packaging and most convenient to use since the brush is flexible and has a sharp tip which are the 2 ingredients to a nice winged liner recipe!

Then I saw Mineral Fusion makeup at Healthy Options and I was intrigued with their Liquid Eyeliner.

But before that, I did a little research about the brand and learned that this cosmetics brand was established in 2006 and prides in creating products that are Leaping Bunny-certified (not tested on animals meaning cruelty-free!).  Eco-friendly and free of gluten, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances and are 100% vegetarian and most are 100% Vegan.

So if you are the type who have allergic reactions on all sorts of makeup brands you've encountered, you may want to check Mineral Fusion out!

a photo of Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner in VALLEY review

Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner
Shades: Ebony (Black) and Valley (Brown)
Long-wearing Liquid Eyeliner Pure mineral color glides on smootly with a precise felt tip applicator.
Easy on the Eyes Formulated with Chamomile, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Aloe, and Vitamin E to soothe delicate skin around eyes. 
Formula Purity  Gluten Free :: Cruelty Free :: Paraben Free :: Artificial Color Free :: Fragrance Free :: Talc Free ::  Hypo-allergenic :: Phthalate Free

a photo of Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner in VALLEY review

Shade on review: VALLEY (brown)

The product has good pigmentation, this swatch was done in a single swipe and you get a nice color, at times, it may not be even because of the applicator (will talk about it more!) .  

The result is matte when applied at the back of my hand but it has a surprisingly unique effect when applied on the eyelid!  It has a bit of a semi-metallic finish!  Nothing to be bothered of as you won't get sparkles or extra glitters but it just have a nice glow (must be from the reflection of pigment to lighting) making the liner very natural-looking.

a photo of Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner in VALLEY review

The applicator of the Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner isn't actually a brush but more of a "hard and pointy felt tip".  

Most felt-tip pens have that "spongey" feel but since this brush is too small, it felt really hard to touch!  So it is a must for you to apply the liner gently because there is a tiny bit of tendency for you to poke your eyelid or worst eyes if you are not careful.

Even for someone who is very familiar with all sorts of makeup, I find this applicator challenging to apply but with a lot of practice, you'll get used to this!

a photo of Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner in VALLEY review

Before and After
Now let's talk about the product itself.  Pigmentation as stated is good (though uneven due to the applicator), I find the liquid liner itself deserves a mention!  It goes on smoothly and dries really quickly.  The product drying quickly could be a PRO or CON.  Pro because there will be no room for smudging during application and best of all?  It stays that way until makeup removal once dry!

As for Con, well, if you take a lot of time in applicator, you may end up having dried liquid liner on lids and dried liquid liner from the packaging!  So please work fast when you use this product.

a photo of Mineral Fusion Liquid Mineral Eyeliner in VALLEY review

But here's what I really love about Mineral Fusion Liquid stays on pretty well on my lid once applied, the shade Valley looks extremely natural and sexy on my lids and best of all?  It's not the usual MATTE brown liquid liner that I own!  This product is unique in its' own way!  

And it stays, it stays without smudging and smearing and I even wore this to test on one of my boxing sessions and it just looks great!

Best of all, for users with sensitive eyes and can't wear liners due to irritations, this is the answer because I even slept on this (for testing) and usually, I would wake up with puffy eyes and it didn't happen with this!

So yes, you only need to surpass the application stage (PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!) and you'll end up loving this liner!  I just wish they come up with bigger size because I am almost done with this product in less than a month's time!  But I guess most chemical-free makeup products really can't have longer shelf-life so I'm this point a skip!

Have you heard about Mineral Fusion?
Do you have sensitive eyes and want to look for a good makeup line that works?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This is the first time I encountered the brand and so far I don't have sensitive eyes and this is another information since I am really a fan of liquid eyeliners though up until now hirap pa rin sa paglalagay, hehehe

    1. not bad to for those really have sensitive eyes, ako I have sensitive eyes buti medyo mas better na now so I can use a lot of brands na


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