Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Let's Gold Palette Look #AMWIGtv

One thing I love about Hostings, I learn so much during work!

I recently hosted one of the Masterclass from Make Up For Ever with Master Jake Galvez.  It was an early morning call time so I had my makeup and hair done at the event proper.  The make up artist, Raymund, quickly did my makeup and the outcome was amazing! 

One thing I immediately asked of him: "What eyeshadow did you use?"  He showed me the Let's Gold Palette. 

And it wasn't a surprise when Jake Galvez himself championed the palette by creating a gorgeous eye makeup look to his chinita model using the same palette! 

That's it!  I want one!  And thankfully, the Masterclass KIT curated by Jake Galvez himself includes the Let's Gold palette.  

Of course, I had to use it and create my own version of a Golden Sunset look!  Watch my quick video and let me know if you like this look!

If you are interested to join a Masterclass, follow Make Up For Ever on Instagram as they have 1 before the year ends!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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