Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Nailympics: Battle of the Salon Nail Artists 2019!

Nail Art has been an integral part in my Beauty Blogging journey.
I can't even search my own blog post on my FIRST EVER nail art design because I was loaded with Nail Art entries!  It was at least 1 nail art tutorial a week and I've been blogging Daily for so long!

Just like nail art, my own nail art tutorials stopped when I gave birth to Kyle.  Taking care of my nails was the least to worry because I'd rather sleep than to polish my nails.

Fast forward to several years after, when I got more time on hands and Kyle does not demand my schedule as much, I am glad to do more tutorials and even widen the reach to not only Blogs but Instagram and Facebook!

It was a best timing for me for a comeback as NAIL ART itself did a HUGE comeback last week with the first NAILYMPICS: Battle of the Salon Nail Artists organized by Beauty & Wellness Manila, Girlstuff and GlobalLink MP!

And not only that, I was honored to be invited as their first HOST as well!

Nailympics was open to full-time employees (Nail artists, manicurists or nail technicians) of any Beauty Salon, Nail Salon or Spa in Metro Manila.

Salons like David's Salon, Unica Ija Salon, Nailaholics, French Tip Salon joined this prestigious competition.

All contestants get to bring home Girlstuff Products while the 4th, 5th and 6th prize contestants get to take home Php3,000 worth of Girlstuff Products.

What's in store for the top 3?

3rd Prize Winner gets Php3,000 in cash and Php5,000 worth of Girlstuff Products
 including a Nail Polish Display Rack.
2nd Prize Winner wins Php5,000 in cash and Php5,000 worth of Girlstuff Products
 including a Nail Polish Display Rack.
the Grand Winner gets to take home Php10,000 in cash 
and Php5,000 worth of Girlstuff Products including a Nail Polish Display Rack.

I clearly understood the jitters backstage!

The competition was divided into 2 parts.  The first level of competition which took 45 minutes for the 11 candidates to create their own Nail Art design on a model with THEME: RETRO.

The top 6 were picked on spot and another 45 minutes were given this time with THEME: SARILING ATIN.

With 3 judges from different fields: Genzel De Las Alas, Aireen Gutierrez Mercado and Rochelle Ann David.  It took a while for them to finally give the nod of announcing our TOP 3!

Grand Winner:
Crislyn Salazar
Nailaholics Glorietta

1st Runner Up
Sherryl Felipe
Nailaholics SM Megamall

2nd Runner Up
Abegail Quiambao
David's Salon SM Pampanga

It was an intense after full of art and laughter!  It may be a competition but the air was definitely a friendly one!

with Judge Genzel De Las Alas
Congratulations Beauty & Wellness Manila and Girlstuff .  A huge thanks to GlobalLink MP for the great event coordination too!

Nail Artists, I hope to see you in the same competition next year and the years to come?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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