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How many red lipsticks do I own?

I lost count!  But this one definitely needed my full attention (and a full blog post!)  Because this is THE ICONIC Dior Red that dates back 1953!  The red lipstick that said to be the perfect toned red shade that works for all skin tones no matter what age you are!

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I haven't gotten the chance to test this out on different individuals because I actually kept this particular lip color in my own dresser!  It does work for me --- that's what matters :P  Just joking, well Matte 999 is neutral-toned, medium red lip color with a semi-matte finish.  I may not have tried this to different individuals but I can tell this would work for a lot of people!

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The lipstick bullet is quite simple, a shiny, no-smudge packaging with silver detailing at the center with huge "CD" on top of the cap.  I find it a little bit hard to check out the shade number as it is located at the bottom and is quite small!  

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With Rouge Dior and its cult formula of 16h* comfort, women feel good, no matter the color no matter the finish satin or matte. A palette of colors with iconic reds, vibrant corals, passionate pink, romantic rosewoods and extreme and surprising matte shades. A true object of desire, Rouge Dior comes with a new metallic couture case crafted with discreet details : for a touch of personal luxury, the inside of each cap is attired in the Rouge 999 shade, Dior's flamboyantly sexy signature.

a photo of Dior Rouge matte 999 review by Nikki Tiu of

Swatch: Matte 999

a swatch photo of Dior Rouge matte 999 review by Nikki Tiu of

Here's what I have to say about this Iconic Dior Red lip color.  The texture of this particular shade is quite unique!  It glides on really smoothly even on my dry lips and the formula is super lightweight, it almost felt like I applied "powdered pigment" directly from tube to lips!  

Despite the name calls for matte, I call this to be semi-matte as it gives off a nice satin-smooth finish.  It does not sit on my dry lip lines and does not make my lips feel tight even after hours of wearing.

Since the formulation is almost like that of the powder, there's good news about it!  It does not transfer as much as other red lipsticks!  It almost do not transfer at all especially after hours of wearing!  It is just amazing how a lip color this brand remains on your lips and nowhere else!

a photo of Dior Rouge matte 999 review by Nikki Tiu of

Obviously, if like me, you tend to drink less water within the day, application of lip balm is needed to keep your lips hydrated since this lipstick does not "hydrate" your lips --- as expected since this is supposed to be a matte lipstick!  

But for a lipstick that looks this good and does not move so much, I give this a huge thumbs up and I can actually say, this is worth the investment especially if you love red lipstick so much!

Dior Rouge and other Dior products are available at Dior Counters Rustans.

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