Saturday, March 7, 2020

Hairstyle Tutorial: Big Curls (Korean Hairstyle)

I follow a lot of Korean Hairstylists in IG and wished to have them cut my hair because I love their trending hairstyle. 

I studied haircutting and learned a few tricks on hairstyling during my younger years and when I was actively doing Bridal.  Equipped with that knowledge, I've decided to experiement my own hair with different hairstyles because I am a Beauty Blogger like that!

I recently got hooked with Korean hairstyles and my love for natural and soft waves remains --- I've decided to create this romantic hairstyle using my 10-year plus old Remington 1.5 inch Curling Iron.  

This was the result!

a photo of Hairstyle Tutorial: Big Curls (Korean Hairstyle) NIkki Tiu

Before and After
Did I give you the Koreana vibe?

a photo of Hairstyle Tutorial: Big Curls (Korean Hairstyle)

Watch this simple video that I made on how to create this very subtle romantic waves!  If you are accustomed to your hairstyling tools, you can easily create this style in less than 10 minutes!  (Depending on the thickness of your hair!)

But once you get the hang of how to handle styling tools - you'll be okay!  But for caution - put a towel on your lap just to be sure!  And don't be a in rush, take your time and start with lower heat settings so you won't burn yourself!


Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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