Monday, May 11, 2020

Body Fantasies Has Disinfectant Properties!

I have seen these Body Fantasies scents in SM Department stores several years ago --- I was still in College back then so that was more than a decade ago, or 2 decades ago :P   

When the brand sent me these products during lockdown, I was one of those few Beauty Bloggers who really read on ingredients list because ---

1. I have sensitive skin.
2. I like to review products so I really take notice on their main ingredients.

One thing that really caught my attention is the presence of 70% Ethyl Alcohol.  I mean, I'm not the type who would advertise and share to everyone to use these in replace of alcohol.  But one nice thought is that a Beauty Item can help sanitize - which is a perfect item especially during these times.

I also took a small peek at their Facebook page and felt a sense of happiness when I saw how the brand actively helps Frontliners by donating a lot of these products to several hospitals!  Though these items are not exactly items that hospitals REALLY need, these are the types of items that are on the category of "Unsung heroes".  Items that are deem to be pushed aside during hard times but can really make a small difference and a smile on anyone's face whenever used as gifts!

Can you just imagine how hot these days are and how nice it is to sniff something really amazing on a bad day?  --- well I could be wrong, but that's just me!

Again,  keep in mind that I won't replace alcohol with these items in my household but they are indeed "added" in my feel good items! 

a photo of Body Fantasies PH review available at Watsons.

I may sound or feel like a less busier person during ECQ but I am actually the same busy gal as ever after the 2nd week of Lockdown. 

After getting used to the "new normal", I went back on my feet doing the things I love to do and more!  I continued my "work from home" jobs while managing the household.  Because of that, I tend to stay in my room for longer periods of time doing research and answering back emails as I do various calls (lots of concentration needed I tell you!).

I also cook more than usual, you can see that on my stories!  After cooking, I would go back to my room and sit at my office corner and can still smell "food" lingering inside the room and my clothing.  I mean, that would kill ANY working mood I got left! 

So this is my tiny secret to energize in between random tasks.   I tried spritzing Body Fantasies not only on my clothing but I like to spritz a few amount on pillows and stuffed toys and voila!  Instant pick-me-upper!

Cucumber Melon is my favorite scent because it gives an instant refreshing feel reviving my tired soul!

a photo of Body Fantasies PH review available at Watsons.

236ml are priced affordably at Php449.00 (with extra 6% discount for Watsons Member Exclusives) and 94ml are priced at Php199.00.

These aren't bad and you have several choices of fresh scents to choose from!

For more information, LIKE Body Fantasies on Facebook page and FOLLOW them on Instagram.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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