Friday, July 3, 2020

Vice Cosmetics Gandoll Pink Brush Collection Review

Vice Cosmetics has been around for some times and it was a nice surprise to see them finally coming up with their own brush set, nothing screams Vice Cosmetics better than calling this set a PINK BRUSH COLLECTION!  

Well it is NOT Vice Cosmetics without me saying... this is a GANDOLL Pink Brush Collection.

Vice Cosmetics' Pink Brush Collection Review

I was a bit confused though if they sell them by a set as I checked on their website and saw these are sold by the piece.  But one good thing I can say about these brushes is that, they are affordable and lucky are YOU who are starting up on make up artistry as you have many choices of good quality inexpensive brushes!  

I remembered my first Smashbox brush set which I bought from the Beauty Bar costs me an arm and leg.  Yes, I went down memory lane because it has the same white bristles also synthetic hair.

Vice Cosmetics' Pink Brush Collection Review

Top to bottom: Powder Brush (Php195.00), Blush Brush (Php175.00), 
Contour Brush (Php175.00) and Highlighter Brush (Php175.00)

Vice Cosmetics' Pink Brush Collection Review

  • Powder Brush (Php195.00) - Medium-sized brush that is multi-functional.  This can work as a powder brush, blush brush or body brush.  This has the right density so you can apply this with light or medium application.
  • Blush Brush (Php175.00) - All these brushes are multi-purpose and this one is a great brush not only for powdered blush but I like to use this when I like to apply powder foundation, it gives heavier coverage.  Also, the length of the brush is just right so I can easily control my application.
  • Contour Brush (Php175.00) - Does a job blushing and contouring but if you are the type who likes a heavy contour, this may not do the cut as the brush is a bit fluffy so the effect will always be natural.  
  • Highlighter Brush (Php175.00) - My favorite brush out of the collection because this can do everything (almost everything) when it comes to powder blush application!  I can apply face powder, powder foundation, blush powder, highlighter and contour powder in this single brush! 
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