Monday, November 30, 2020

Son Ye Jin Inspired Makeup Look with Bioscience


Son Ye Jin Inspired Makeup Look

I am inspired to create a Healthy Makeup Look for Christmas as everyone seems not to be in the mood to apply makeup!  

I totally understand you. Who would?  I’ve had maskne a couple of times whenever I came home from wearing masks more than an hour or so!  

But truthfully, 2020 is sad enough so I don’t want to end it in a sad note as well.  Festive season is still around the corner (because we say so and we can trick our mind in believing!)  As much as we are both not confident enough to create glam look, well, my look for Christmas this year is inspired by one of my favorite Korean Actress - Son Ye Jin.

I’ve loved her way before Crash Landing on You. I love her makeup when she wore a somewhat beach wedding dresses on last scene.  I liked her simplicity and beauty when I first saw her on Personal Preference.  Whenever I see her photos online, it’s always on a fresh, natural-looking side.  Close to my kind of makeup look.  

Son Ye Jin Inspired Makeup Look

Since she is a BEAUTY even before makeup, she can get away with just skincare and lip balm probably.  For humans like yours truly *laughs*  I applied a bit more than usual because —— Son Ye Jin= Goddess, Nikki Tiu = Human.  

Prior to makeup application, I always stress to use your skincare products diligently.  The extra steps would actually save your skin from breakouts, open pores, blackheads and a whole lot more!

Before you watch my quick video, keep these mind before choosing your skincare products:

1. Make sure that products you choose are suitable for sensitive skin.  Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, the mask season would make your normal skin sensitive.  

2. Use water-based skincare products as much as possible to prevent clogging of pores.  These are also lightweight and non-greasy and faster absorbing by nature.

3. Do not use products with harsh chemicals. 

Now, are you ready to watch?  Please like and comment if you learn something from me!  Enjoy!

Skincare products used:

  • Bioscience Exfoliating Gel
  • Bio-Water Foamy Cleanser
  • Bio-Gold Gold Water
  • Bio-Gold Night Cream
  • Bioscience Micellar Water

 Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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