Monday, December 28, 2020

What Will I Do/Buy If I Won 1M Pesos?

haven’t really thought about what to buy if I won 1M pesos in a Raffle.  The practical mom in me would always say: “Save it in a bank and use it for my son’s future/education.”


But if I get to really spend without thinking, I’m sharing in this blog a list of the things I will probably buy if I become an instant Millionaire!  


Before we start, let me tell you how you can also get the chance to become an instant millionaire with the help of PayMaya


PayMaya’s gift for us all this holiday season is their PayMayaguinaldo promo wherein one lucky winner will take home a whopping P1,000,000 by simply paying with PayMaya. Easy, right


If like me, you’re interested in finding ways to join this raffle promo, here’s how you or any PayMaya user can earn raffle entries: 


o #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR at any PayMaya partner merchant with a minimum of P100 purchase. My favorite is Landers!

o Use your PayMaya-registered mobile number when you buy items online with a minimum of P100 purchase. Tip: Use this payment option when having food delivered from your favorite restaurants to get up to 100% cashback!

o Purchase prepaid load and other treats at the PayMaya in-app shop with a minimum of P100 purchase. What’s more sulit about this is that prepaid load and data packages are discounted here!

For every P100 purchase, you will earn 1 raffle entry so more you spend, the more raffle entries you get to earn. 

So as you all know, since most of my stuff are bought online, I am more inspired to use PayMaya as my payment option because I also get the chance to win 1M pesos!  


Now, let’s say I was the lucky PayMayaguinaldo raffle winner, what will I do with my P1,000,000 aguinaldo from PayMaya? Here’s a list of items I’ll most probably spend money on


1. A 3D 2N Short Trip To Tagaytay.

My son enjoyed every single short weekend trips to Tagaytay.  He was actually telling us he wanted to go there immediately once COVID-19 is over!  So this is definitely part of the plan!  




2. Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5 for the Hubby


My husband always buy things for me but never for himself!  He always explain to me that he prefers to save for our son rather than buying games he won’t be able to play due to his busy schedule. 

I knew it was just an excuse!  So this is definitely part of my to buy list because he deserves it for being such a great dad and husband.



3. Buy the toys my son wants!  


Kyle is such an amazing and understanding boy!  Whenever we go to a Toy Store, he would just play with it and not ask us to buy anything even if we asked him to choose one! He understood pretty well how his parents worked hard to just spend it on toys! *aww*


4. Buy health insurance for the family, including both my husband and my immediate family.

No need for explanations, the year 2020 is a wake up call to really put health as first priority over anything else.



5. Book a quiet place with the family (if everything is better) for catch up and bonding.


And to make these wishes of mine come true, there is actually a way via PayMaya !  PayMaya is offering Filipinos more rewards with its "PayMayaguinaldo" campaign, where users have a chance to win as much as 1 million pesos in the Grand raffle draw!


• You may check out this link for more details:

Just like me, if you want to get the chance to win, register PayMayanow:

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!






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