Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day Mommas!


Happy Happy Mother’s Day AMW Friends!

Who would’ve thought?  8th year being a mom!  And I started blogging at 27 years old with just a boyfriend back then (Boyfriend Mr. AMW!)  I have shared so many milestones here in the Blog and I am getting a bit emotional right now!  

I know my blog used to focus on Skincare, Beauty, Hair and Nail Care but it turned into a full blown lifestyle blog with my Recipes, Motherhood tips and just random mom musings!

To my single/non-parent readers, THANK YOU FOR STAYING!  

I am a proof that in this lifetime, you don’t need to stick to ONE topic. Yes, I love Makeup and Skincare but I can also talk about a lot of stuff as I weave through my life learning new things along the way!  

Kyle thought me so much!  I learned to be 101% more patient, I learned to love drawing (a tiny bit more) :P. And I learned to be more artistic!  As a mom, there are so many things you don’t like to do but end up doing.  I mean, I dislike arts and crafts in school but I don’t have a choice but help my son whenever he has art projects!

For a mom who is not into drawing - come on, if I can show you my old drawings - my Human Portrait looks like an Orangutan! :P. 

With Kyle’s love for art, I ended up learning to draw from him!  His shading skills and color mixing skills are THE BOMB for an 8-year old!

It’s not all flowers and butterflies, motherhood is so darn hard even I - who used to be a Professor lose my temper A. LOT OF TIMES!  Life is hard, but life is harder if you do things alone!  I am so happy I’ve got Mr. AMW’s support and a super sweet kid to power-up my super old battery!

To those who kept asking me: “Kelan mo susundan?” (Will you try another baby?)
Kyle himself is already a miracle and a blessing from God.  Having a 2nd baby would be another miracle that we all wished for but having Kyle made me the happiest mom alive!  HE is enough for me to believe in the power of God!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom friends here!
If God created human angels, they are called MOMS! (And dads!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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