Saturday, July 3, 2021

Secosana’s 25th Anniversary Collection - What I Got!


I just love neutral-colored bags!

Secosana has been around for 25 years!  I am NOT surprised I always see the in major department stores when my husband and I were in College — dating!  :P  Yeah we go way back!

So when I was sent a special bag under their 25th Year Anniversary Collection, it brought back so much good ‘ol memories.  These bags are proudly PHILIPPINE-made and I am so happy how they were conscious enough to add some extras in time for the pandemic….

Can you see that cute pouch hanging?  It is an alcohol dispenser!  You can easily refill it!  I also love that it’s hanging outside so I don’t need to open my bag each time I needed to use an alcohol!

This bag is more of a handbag size around less than 20 inches in length and height.  It comees with a gold hardware but feel free not to use it, that bag includes a long faux leather straps wherein you can use it as a bodybag or sling bag, perfect for moms who needed to free 2 hands!

But this can easily transform from a casual bag to a cocktail bag or formal events bag!  Do you agree?

Which local bag brand do you like to be featured here?
Have you bought at least 1 Secosana Bag in your life?

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