Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Kyle’s Donald Duck Halloween Costume


Dear AMW Friends, 

How are you doing?  It’s been almost 2 years since pandemic started and we’ve done various celebrations at home - Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Anniversaries and a whole lot more!  The first year was a bit easier as I squeezed my brain out with a lot of ideas to surprise my 8-year old kid!  But as occasions kept on piling by, I am losing ideas and my son is growing up to be more open about his thoughts so I can’t just grab any outfit for him to wear!

He started requesting for his Halloween costume 2 years ago, it was Superman, Naruto and this year, when everyone’s on the Squid Game fad, my son strongly declined wearing ANY Squid game because he knew the game was brutal.  So this peace-loving child of mine chose to be a naughty and humorous Donald Duck instead.

Man oh Man!  How can I even purchase a Donald Duck Halloween Costume for an 8-year old?  I’ve found a lot online for babies and toddlers!  

But thankfully, with my super researcher skills and nonstop research, I guess, I succeeded in making my son happy this Halloween 2021!

I was looking for a “towel” Daisy Duck, you know those that you just put on top of your head?  Like a beach towel?  NADA!  Or maybe I found one but it won’t arrive on time so thankfully, I have a very dainty top that is close to what Daisy Duck would wear!  

What do you think?

The costume is honestly so perfect for Kyle and even more perfect to wear when he visits Disneyland.  Before pandemic happened, I was actually setting our mind to visit Shanghai Disneyland, oh well, there’s always next time but he’ll end up just wearing Donald Duck headpiece?

Fellow moms, don’t stress yourself to be all out, always remember, just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll know the little things that could make your kid happy!  Out of everything ,my son hugged and thanked me and told me his most favorite part of the occasion is the bonding moments we have with his dad.  I mean, he did not even mentioned the costume when we prayed at night!

Please continue to stay safe guys.

I  know rules are lighter nowadays when it comes to COVID-19 but please keep in mind the virus is still there, keep safe, wear your mask, constantly wash your hands and keep social distancing.

Let’s all pray together for the healing of our world!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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