Thursday, November 4, 2021

Styx Wraps by Luxx - First Try


Nail wraps, I never intended to try them since I know in my heart they will never last on me - I cook a lot, wash the dishes and wash my hands multiple times a day!  I also do a lot of art activities with my son so that idea of nail art is really out of my mind.

Until one day, I have an emergency meeting with “Big bosses” and my nails were really ugly!  In just 10 minutes on hand, I’ve decided to use my STYX Wraps by Luxx which was hidden in my nail product stash for months!  I also need to put on makeup and fix my hair so applying nail polish is not an option at that moment!

For a first time Nail Wraps user, this wasn’t bad at all!

I did a less than 15 seconds Instagram Reel for this but this is a longer version for you to understand how to apply Nail Wraps!  Again, I am no professional but I am so happy I have a sharp Stationary Tweezers on hand!  A must for nail art lovers!  

For my quick review, this can actully stay longer even if you do house chores, you just have to make sure the nail wraps fit exactly your nail bed.  It must not go beyond the nails or touch the cuticles!  Since I was in a rush, I don’t have time to trim the stickers but that is a quick tip for me to add if you want to keep your nail wraps longer.

Also, it helps to apply a top coat for extra shine and “stick”.  

Have you tried nail wraps

Do you prefer to apply nail polish or use nail stickers?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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