Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Body Shop Advent


My first Advent Calendar of the year —- well, my first Advent Calendar EVER!

Can you believe that?  I can’t believe after more than a decade of Blogging, I haven’t opened any advent boxes because for the fact that I am not a fan of gift-boxes that are expensive and you get a hair tie, a pad paper, a clip or random stuff in between.

I guess I have always been a smart-shopper so these types of calendars do not ring my interest.  

THIS YEAR is totally different.  The Body Shop  dropped a bomb - not really - the Body Shop dropped boxes of Advent Calendars!  Super pretty and best of all, every single item on the box are USEFUL and worth it.

The box itself is super gorgeous, no need to wrap it separately, this itself is a gorgeous present itself. 

Once opened, you get 1-24 boxes that represents Days 1 to 24!

2 layers!  Imagine that! 

I actually opened each box for you to see how this box is worth every single centavo. 
I am glad my first Advent box in this blog is totally worth it!

The Advent Calendars are available online via

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