Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Welcome Habitude!


This Proudly Local Skincare Brand Champions Philippine Botanicals

Habitude celebrates your habits and attitudes.

Habitude is the French word for habit. It is also a wordplay on habit and attitude. So much of how we take care of ourselves is reflected in our habits and attitudes, if you think about it. From the hours we more or less sleep, what we eat, how we prep or “undress” our skin, what we do, how we do it day in and day out, and our settled way of thinking towards these things—these are all our habits and attitudes. Who are we, if not creatures made up of all our little habits and attitudes, from the mundane to the serious, from skincare to self-love?

Habitude, a proudly local skincare brand, reflects, recognizes, and celebrates each of us, uniquely, the sum total of our habits and attitudes. After all, all are welcome at the beauty table.

When it comes to our skincare regimens, some of us are the grab-and-go type. To cleanse, moisturize, and apply SPF are enough. For others, it’s a 10-step ritual, at least. And sometimes, we swing both ways, habit-wise when the occasion calls for it.

This is why the women behind the brand have decided to launch Habitude with three products that are clean, natural, and super effective, so you're free to celebrate your own habits and attitudes—designed to adjust to your lifestyle and not the other way around. These are lovingly crafted with the best botanicals from the Philippines' own backyard and fused with fave ingredients from around the world, too. They can work well on their own—for the skinimalists—but can also play well with others.

The Habitude Hardworking Miracle Water (P849/100ml) is a multitasking toner and hydratant in one. It gently removes makeup and dirt as it unclogs pores, tones, and moisturizes. It is formulated with clarifying and anti-aging botanicals including Galactomyces and micronutrient-rich rice ferment filtrate (Oryza sativa) for a healthy, youthful glow.

The Habitude Seriously Revitalizing Serum (P949/30ml) is the ultimate glass-skin serum for an even-toned, luminous, and dewy complexion. It has high concentrations of Plant Mucin, Hyaluronic Acid (2%), and Niacinamide, blended with powerful antioxidants and heritage botanicals. Potent in every precious drop, it hydrates, repairs, and energizes the skin.

The Habitude Go-Getter Moisture + Sun Stick (P550/25g) is a facial moisturizer and sunscreen in one handy stick. It is thoughtfully formulated with 20% Zinc oxide, skin-loving emollients, and antioxidant botanicals—Carrot Seed Oil, Tomato Leaf Extract, and Aloe Vera—to nourish and illuminate skin as it protects against UV damage. Naturally hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it is mineral oil-free and has absolutely no silicone and other harmful chemicals.

Habitude’s packaging is also something to note. All products are housed in recyclable materials and its tube is certified 100% compostable (yes, zero plastic!). The brand has also opted for full prints that showcase the ingredients and evoke happiness—quite refreshing to see on your vanity table, really. Ultimately, Habitude wants your skincare routine to be nothing short of a pleasurable experience, and not see it as a chore.

To quote Megan Thee Stallion: “Classy, bougie, ratchet...Sassy, moody, nasty.” Is it not wonderful to be all those things and more? Habitude is a brand that reflects how deeply and joyfully it celebrates that. The brand and its products have got you, and if they don’t yet, you bet they are working hard until they do. Come as you are, use as you would. #OwnYourHabitude

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