Tuesday, January 4, 2022

High Ponytail Tutorial


Another day, another hairstyle tutorial.

I have been living on ponytail the whole pandemic (almost 2 years) and you can’t blame this girl for mastering this!  My hair was at my longest (yes, you can see that in my photos) and thankfully, I recently cut off 3-4 inches so it is more bearable nowadays.  But still, I depend on ponytail to do my chores, work and exercise!

Ugh, speaking about exercise, I dislike it a lot whenever I do all those jumpropes or jumping jacks and my tie would always end up on the floor.

FRET NOT!  I found a way!  No ribbons at home but I added a touch of bow just to make it cute!  *winks*

High Ponytail Tutorial

I like the extra “twisty” on top of my head for that “bulk”…. 

High Ponytail Tutorial

High Ponytail Tutorial

 Here’s a quick video on how I created this high ponytail that doesn’t fall down!  Yay right?  Feel free to comment down below if you tried this hairstyle and how much you like it!   (I hope!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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