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Dishes with McAsiaMart


Hello AMW Friends!  How have you been?  I’ve seen a lot of you are cooking more during the pandemic and I find myself cooking way more than before because I cook not only for my family but also for my in-laws who live a couple of houses away!  

That said, I replenish cooking ingredients on a monthly basis because I finish them up so fast!  Thankfully, E-commerce thrived the past years and I am lucky enough to purchase Asian ingredients online as opposed to going to Ongpin or Aranque for that.  You all know I’ve been shopping A LOT online as I share my good finds on my Instagram Stories just like this one.  And no, you don’t have to cook Chinese dishes only for Chinese New Years, you can do so ANYTIME of the year! 

MCAsiaMart (

And here are just some of the MANY products they offer!  My “Mommy-Chef-Heart” is so happy!

  • King Chef Canola Oil - Canola oil is a vegetable oil derived from a variety of rapeseed that is low in erucic acid. Is a safe and healthy form of fat that will reduce blood LDL cholesterol levels and heart disease risk compared to carbohydrates or saturated fats such as found in beef tallow or butter.
  • Jade Bridge Mushroom Soy Sauce - This is a special kind of soy sauce with the extract of mushroom. Natural fermented directly with strong sauce and preserved beans flavor. This gives a delicious aroma to cooked dishes.
  • Jade Bridge Light Soy Sauce - Jade bridge Light Soy Sauce is reddish-brown soy sauce naturally brewed with Non-GMO soy bean and wheat flour. Light soy sauce has been the most essential condiments in both Asian and Western cuisines.
  • Thai Dancer Oyster Sauce - Oyster sauce is made from oyster extracts, sugar, salt and water thickened with corn starch. It’s sweet, salty and rich in umami; that’s why the main purpose of oyster sauce would be to add salty flavors to various types of dishes. It is also used in salad dressing, noodles, stews and soups.
  • Thai Dancer Sweet and Sour Sauce - One of the most well-known of all Chinese sauces, with the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavorsin the traditional Thai style. It is especially good with pork, shrimp and fish .
  • Shaoxing Wine - Shaoxing wine is one of the most famous varieties of Huangjiu, or traditional Chinese wines, fermented from rice. It adds an unmistakable flavorand fragrance to dishes and an essential in ingredient in Chinese cooking Every Chinese restaurant uses cooking wine in almost every savory dish. It is used to make stir fry sauces, soup broths, marinades, wontons, etc.
  • Thai Dancerr Spring Rolls Chili Sauce - The sweetened version of Spring Rolls Chili Sauce for a more fragrant, almost smoky rich sugary chilef lavor that goes perfectly with spring rolls

  • Parrot Traditional Rice Vermicelli - Twirl to perfection with PARROT’s Traditional Rice Vermicelli! It is a traditional Malaysian rice vermicelli noodles used for stir- fried, and noodle soup dishes that enhances flavor and experience Asian!
    For better use, it is best soaked in tap water for at least 20 minutes before using.
    This is called “bun” in Vietnam.
  • Knorr AROI Sure Chicken Powder - Knorr Aroy sure All-In-One Seasoning chicken Flavoured – so aromatic and delicious that you need to ask for more! blended with spices and flavours to give you that full-bodied meaty taste and pochickenrk aroma. Blended with aromatic spices. Well-rounded touchs to all applications. For carefully balanced flavours and aromas, try Knorr chicken flavoured seasoning. Ideal for adding to stews, stir-fries, soups, bakes and marinades.
  • Erawan Glutinous Rice Flour - Glutinous Rice Flour is ground from long-grain or short-grain sweet white rice and is also called sweet rice flour or sweet rice powder. Sweet rice grains are typically solid white. Dough made from glutinous rice flour becomes sticky in texture when heated. Because of its chewy texture, glutinous rice flour is a favorite base for dumplings, buns and pastries. Although called glutinous flour, it is actually gluten free.
  • Mali Condensed Milk sweetened - This is a sweetened condensed milk. Can be mixed with beverages such as tea, coffee, shaved ice, other desserts, etc., or to cook various kinds of food such as bakery, desserts, roti, toast, etc. to enhance the sweet and delicious flavor.
  • Katagi Sesame Seed White - These are white sesame seeds that will add a savoury nutty flavor to any meal. Sprinkle it on top of your rice, salads, sushi or add it on your desserts like ice cream, yogurt or bread and pasties.

They also have frozen goods like Um-mami GYOZA.

Gyoza is a Japanese pan-fried dumpling, filled with meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough. Enjoy this Um-Mami Japanese Pork Dumplings (Gyoza) through pan-frying and steaming. Perfectly-combined with ready-to-use sauce, available in 65ml. Cooking instructions are also provided.

And these are just some of the dishes I was able to cook using the products I got from MCAsiaMart!  


Jade Bridge Mushroom Soy Sauce to marinate the mushrooms, main sauce Jade Bridge Light Soy sauce used.

Lumpiang Shanghai using 2 sauces - sweet sauce with Thai Dancer Sweet and Sour sace while another dipping choice that’s spicier in version with Thai Dancer Spring Roll Chili Sauce.

Korean Beef Stew using Shaoxing Wine to marinate the beef, Thai Dancer Oriental Oyster sauce and Jade Bridge Superior Light Soy Sauce as base. 

I am sure I have a lot more dishes to create using the products I recently got for the family!  Feel free to follow me - AMWCOOKS on Instagram for more easy homecooked dishes.  You can also visit this LINK for in-depth recipes.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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