Sunday, March 6, 2022

Vida-C and Yobick Drinks


Things are looking up, I hope it gets really better this year.  But that said, we should continue to stock up on making sure we have the best immunity especially since it is already Level 1 in Metro Manila.

I am currently loving Vida C as my flavorited drink + Vitamin C booster.
Vida C is a soda that contains 1000mg of Vitamin C for better immunity.  It tastes like flavored soda and so far, it does not make my stomach acidity feel bad!

While Yobick, another discovery,  is a prebiotic yoghurt drink. Yobick doesn't have to be kept cold because it doesn't contain live lactobacilli. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in our body which improves digestion and overall gut health.

I love both Original flavor and Sakura Flavor.  

I like to drink this mid morning when I’m busy with work.

Vida C Instagram: @vidaphilippines
Yobick Instagram : @yobickphilippines 

Both drinks are available at @Pacsynmart.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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