Sunday, March 13, 2022

Weekend Food Discovery


First off, this week was super fun!  Fun in terms of how much food I consumed since it was an extension of my birthday celebration.

I got the chance to drink my favorite milk tea brand once again!  DAKASI!  (Did you know that I was craving for this on a weekly basis during my pregnancy?  The store in Banawe knew me and my orders by heart back then and I even took Kyle to Dakasi for a photo-op whe he was 6 months old!)  

I know you are not asking but I am telling you anyways, current Milk Tea flavor fave?  Okinawa with Konnyaku Pearls!

March 9 is also BTS’ Suga’s Birthday, our Meow Meow Idol is celebrating his birthday and he did it with VLIVE!  Thanks to KkoKko for always celebrating the birthday of the BTS members!  Here’s the set that I got!  It came in perfectly while I was busy working and almost forgetting my snack time!

Yoongi Day Special Combo Meal Set (Agust Beef Set)
Beef Bibimbap, 2 pcs Kkochi, 1 Orange Juice Drink and Freebies coming from either 

The promo ran from March 8 until March 12 and you can still order dishes from KkoKko even after the birthday celebration!  Their Kkokko chicken tastes soooo good!

Order through dine-in, take-out or delivery.  Call 09171-KKOKKO.

And, my food trip isn’t over!  My dear good friend Michelle sent me Taruc’s Tuna Tartare for my birthday and it was te best fresh Tuna I have tried to date!  As they say: “Freshness from plate to palate!”  This statement holds true and these are prepared with fresh Tuna and their secret spice.  I love how it is spicy yet not the spicy type that burns my tongue!

Each order of Tuna Tartare comes with a box of Fresh Tuna and a  generous serving of Wonton Crisps!   I love how it was packed so nicely it is perfect for gifting too!

Taruc’s Tuna Tartare
Order via Viber: 0917-5356608

And lastly, a good ice cream would seal the deal on my no-diet week!  Yes, diet starts next week. :P

Creme Gelato sent me 2 of their bestselling flavors for my birthday!  For someone who isn’t into chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream, I am hailing this the BEST Birthday Brownie ice cream I have tried and these are proudly Philippine Made!

Discover more flavors from the brand by visiting their website

Ah, it is indeed a nice way to cap off my birthday month!
Thanks to my dear friends who sent me food as gift!  You all know FOOD IS LIFE in my household! :P
Happy weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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