Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Artificial Nails Budol


With my work as an online makeup trainer/skin care trainer and sudden requiements for unboxing or on a more serious side - client meetings.  I felt a bit shy at times to show my chipped- very busy cooking in the kitchen nails!

I've done UV Gel a couple of times but since I have eczema, I find this process a bit too drying for my fingers if I do it regularly!  

So I head on to Shopee and found some "short fake nails" and gave it a try and loved them so much I repurchased a couple of boxes more!

Some short nails design I picked

Price range: Php29.00-Php55.00 (for 3D ones)

Available: SHOPEE

Each box comes with glue and they stick longer but I an afraid they could ruin my nail bed so I opted to purchase Php7-10.00 nail stickers!  They come in nail-shaped sizes and are easy to use!  But, it won't last as long as the nail glue so I use this just for a day or 2.

A quick video showing you how it's done!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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