Monday, November 21, 2022

GRWM: A Classy Look


When we speak about creating a "classy look", what will you come up with? 

I would immediately think about Audrey Hepburn, maybe clear skin, deep set eyes and defined red lips?  But in recent years, and also being in my 40s, my kind of Classy Look changed into something more clean, fresh and youthful.  

I guess youthful is the keyword. 

This is my version of a classy look, as easy and minimal makeup as it looked, I actually used this much makeup....

Makeup used:
* Hourglass ambient soft glow foundation (@sephoraph )
@narsissist Unhibited Eyeshadow Palette
@hourglasscosmetics Ambient Lightning Universe (@sephoraph )
@maybellinephshop Falsies Lashlift
@bobbibrownph Crushed Lip Color in Cabana

I would also call this a Bridal Makeup Look.  A tad bit lesser in application but close to what I would do when I get married again!  Maybe I'll add a pair of false lashes, wear contact lens and add more eyeliner.

The NARS Uninhibited eyeshadow palette contains really nice shades perfect for classy look.  You can find a define shadow shade, a matte dark shade and some shimmer goodness!

The product that gave the real FRESHNESS deal is my favorite Hourglass Ambient Lightning Universe palette, it is pricey TBH but worth every single penny!  Super worth it !

If you plan to do heavy photography, you can use a thin layer of matte sunblock and I used this one from Ultra Violette.

Overall I am happy with this look and would recreate this over and over again.
Feel free to check out my application technique with this short IG reel.

How do I look?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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