Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Barenbliss Korean Bloom Matte Full Bloom Long Lasting Tint


The first time I tried Velvet lip tints are from Korean brands that are quite pricey —- CLIO, PERI PERA, etc….

I recently chanced upon the brand BarenBliss which has been making waves not only on Beauty Blogs but in the Tiktok and IG world!  I was hesitant to try these because of the inexpensive price range —- I have very sensitive and dry lips, it’s not that I do not trust drugstore brand, it is just be being careful not to have Angelina-JOLIPS again after some allergic reactions!

Back to the story, I got to the Barenbliss Korean Bloom Matte Full Bloom Transfer Proof Long Lasting Tints  - such a mouthful!  But I usually go for Velvet lip products insitead of matte ones because of the extreme dryness.  

Spoiler alert!  It did not further dry  my lips and the products are extremely nice and let us also stop and just appreciate the colors!

I tried 2 shades - 01 Fresh Dawn and 06 Sassy Season
Php399.00 (Now on Sale at Lazada for Php274.00)

01 Fresh Dawn

Fresh dawn is a cool tone peach brown shade.  It works even for me who have extremely warm complexion.  I just have to apply blush to keep my whole face alive!  

06 Sassy Season on the other hand is a deeper warm peach brown shade.  It isn’t dark so for me who have pigmented lips, it looks quite natural and close to MLBB shade.

See how alive my whole face look?

I also like mixing both shades like what I did here! 
I love tints for that one reason, I can easily create new lip color by mixing 2-3 shades together.

I can’t say these Tints are HYDRATING, they aren’t, but the good news is, it did not further dry out or create flaky lips.  If I find my lips starting to get dry (as usual), I would just apply my favorite lip balm on top and just let it sit there for a couple of minutes before I reapply my lip color.

Do I need to keep on reapplying my lip tint?  NO.  I find the center to transfer if I apply lip balm but without the added moisture, it does its’ job staying on your lips for hours.

Overall, these are high quality yet inexpensive lip tints.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. I totally get you about the unintended "Angelina-JOLIPS". The last time I contacted that allergic reaction was from a lip balm from a known imported brand pa.


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