Thursday, October 5, 2023

Real No Makeup vs.No Makeup Makeup


How in the world did I manage to skip a WHOLE month of not Blogging?
September was one of the craziest month!  Aside from being extremely busy with my son's schedule,  Work was crazy (good crazy!).  Been busy working on an important project for a brand as a PR Consultant and my... let me say this for once and cringe after... "INFLUENCER" life is quite busy as well!  *laughs*

I have been attending events in between driving my son to and from school.  It was crazy I tell you, with Manila traffic and all.  I am quite amazed how I can still sit here and type about my September with a cup of iced coffee on one hand! 

Today, I will tackle about the NO Makeup Makeup Look versus REAL No Makeup Look.

NO Makeup Makeup Look versus REAL No Makeup Look.

Real no makeup look is self explanatory.  You wake up in the morning, wash your face and look at yourself in the mirror, that is your real beauty.  Very Beautiful for sure! But on days you want to enhance your look.  What is the look of no makeup with makeup you say?

STILL YOU but super enhanced version - Filtered with NATURL FILTER!

Check out a visual example!
NO Makeup Makeup Look versus REAL No Makeup Look.

No Makeup Look Products used:
@makeupforever Hydra Booster Step 1, Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow, Aqua Liner Pencil
@tartecosmetics Shape Tape Radiance Concealer and Sculpt Tape @sephoraph
@maccosmeticsph Mineralize Skin Finish Powder
@kpalette_ph 1Day Tattoo Nuance Eyebrow Mascara Dark Greige
@cathydollphils Skinny eyebrow Pencil in Coffee Brown
@narsissist Air Matte Mousse in Orgasm
@kaneboglobalph Lister Color Foundation Powder SilkyLips Multivitamin Lip Balm
@kissmephilippines Curl Keep Mascara Base and Long Up Mascara Super Waterproof
@nipponph Pro Blend Sponge

Some of my favorite star products in this particular look!
The Kiss Me Curl Keep Mascara, the Radiant Concealer from Tarte and their Sculpt Tape plus this Kanebo Luster Color Foundation in PINK is amazeballs!

I woke up like this friends! 
NO Makeup Makeup Look versus REAL No Makeup Look.

Left photo: With Makeup
Right Photo: Without

Not too far looking eh?

NO Makeup Makeup Look versus REAL No Makeup Look.

Here's a quick video on how I did this look!  Watch and show me some love!
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Will you try this look?
Do you have other tips for NO Makeup Makeup Look?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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