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Lancome Absolu Rouge in French Peluche Review


I get my mood from the lipsticks I wear.

Lancome Absolu Rouge review by Nikki Tiu of

And I find myself searching for new lip color from different lipstick brands every MONDAY!  Thank God I work as a beauty content creator, can you imagine just how shock my husband will be whenever I purchase new lipsticks every weekend?  --- YES Husband!  BE GRATEFUL !  :P

Lancome Absolu Rouge review by Nikki Tiu of

The shade of the week is called French Peluche 289.   This looks deep brown red on tube but appears reddish-orange brown on my lips.  

Lancome Absolu Rouge review by Nikki Tiu of

Lancome Absolu Rouge Lipsticks are soft blurred matte lipsticks - meaning, they look BLURRED when applied on lips because it somewhat has a powder-matte finish.  It is very comfortable to use and glides easily on lips leaving no traces of glossiness.  

There's also a nice trick to apply this luxurious French lipstick brand, apply a good amount on lips and use your clean fingers to blend out harsh edges.  Natural-looking at its finest.

Lancome Absolu Rouge review by Nikki Tiu of

I can wear this lipstick all day without feeling a thing.  Indeed lightweight and dry-lips friendly.
Will definitely go back to the store for more shades to collect!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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