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Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed


When were these brow products from Issy & Co launched?  May of Last Year!
I can't believe I took such a long time to talk about these because I have been reviewing so many makeup products I am losing track on a lot of things, that's also called #aging *laughs*

If you are rushing and you want to just see a single photo on how good Issy & Co brow products are...well, here's the photo. 

Left side facing you (using all Issy & Co. products), right side facing you is my bare brows.

Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

Let's start with the Issy & Co Brow Pencil Trio Php349.00) - quick note, these are on 50% off sale at Lazada website as of the moment.

In each of the Brow Pencil Trio, you get a small thin definer pencil, an angled brow pencil and a spoolie.  This is such a great idea as I like using the slim definter pencil to sharpen the tail of my eyebrows and use the thicker one to create brow-like hair.  

Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

These are quick swatches on Taupe Brown and Ash Brown.

Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

Here's a quick sample on how I would apply each of the product on which area of my brows.  As I always say, to each their own, we have different brows so you may use each of the product differently.  We don't have to do the same steps.

Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

Before and After

Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

See how natural the color is?  I am really impressed by these.  

If you have colored hair, you may want to check out the Issy Brow Volumizing Gel (Php349.00), they are available in 3 shades but I got only 2 of the shades - Ash and Taupe.

Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

Now my brows are both filled and LIFTED - all thanks to the brow gel!
(Left facing you is TAUPE color while right facing you is Ash)
Issy and Co Brow Products Reviewed

I love how thicker looking brows can make you appear younger.

Feel free to watch my short video on how I apply all these products.  Thank so much in advance for the support and for always visiting my Blog.  Love you guys!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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