Saturday, January 26, 2008

All About Hair

I've always been searching for good products for my hair since I was born!!! I just can't help but enjoy those gals with long black silky hair!!! That's why "hair rebonding" is like E=mc2 for me! It was the greatest invention in the hair world !!!! (I'm sure Einstein isn't happy with the comparison). Even with all those rebonding and stuff like that, I would say it is still REQUIRED for us to take care of our hair (especially with all those treatments our hair have been through). Below are some of the brands worth trying, but hey, if you are on a tight budget, go for really cheap brands that can be bought in big tubs (at times buy one take one!). Advise from a senior stylist at Jesi Mendes Robinson's Galleria Branch. He's super nice and touched my hair and asked me if I did any treatments before, told him "NO" and he told me "yeah! You don't have to go through expensive treatments via salons as you can just buy cheap hair treatments and just massage it onto your hair and leave it for one whole "lazy" afternoon with a shower cap, effect is the same as salon treatments!" < ---- isnt' he the greatest??? Never tried to sell me any treatments! Love him! :D
L'oreal Professional Vitamino Color (Color protecting gel masque 200ml)
- Smells great! I don't need to use a lot, just took one handful and concentrate it down the ends, I leave it for 5minutes with shower cap, this is great as for one tub worth approx 700+php, I used this for 2 months (8x).

L'oreal Professional Absolut Repair (yellow 200ml)
- doesn't smell as great as the Pink version. Did what I did with the Pink one, but i felt the effect of the PINK one is better.

Biolage Matrix
- cheaper compared to L'oreal professional, but same quality as L'oreal Professional. Smells great as well, and same effect as no. 1. If you want cheaper version , this costs around 375php at salons. Same usage, leave for 5-10 minutes while in the shower with a shower cap.
**note, this is a different contry's version , I just can't seem to find the picture of the one I used, but basically here in the Philippines, there's only one Bioloage masque

David's Salon Moisture Masque (For very stressed hair)

David's Salon Conditioning Treatment (For dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair)
- same price as Biolage Matrix, Used best when left more than 15 minutes. Massage ample amount on your roots and hair as well with shower cap. I can feel the softness and smooth texture for one whole week! the downside is, I finished this one in a month only (meaning 4 usage) but it's worth it!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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