Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting Married?

A little bit of information about me. I recently got married (yes, yes), me and my long time boyfriend decided to get married October 27,2007 (because of our Chinese descent, I would say the TEMPLE decided it) and that decision was made like end of April (same year). You know how couples would plan their weddings a year ahead or so, and me being an "organized" person, this is a STRESS-O-MANIAC for me!!! Thank goodness I remembered a friend's wedding I attended a year before and she told me about this great yahoogroup called Weddingsatwork. (thanks Gwen!)

The W@W eGroup is an online community of Filipino brides & grooms. Home of the W@Wies (as we call ourselves). Let me quote them : " In here, soon-to-weds & newlyweds can exchange their ideas and experiences with others planning for their BIG day in the Philippines and elsewhere. Vent all your wedding troubles away and rave about those rare precious wedding finds. You could ask for contact numbers of suppliers or maybe get other couples to comment on prospective wedding professionals or simply 'talk' and interact with others on the list. Why, you can even post your wedding day here to remind the whole group!"

I am proud to be an ex-W@Wie, and because of them, my husband and I didn't need to wash other people's car or do other people's laundry to afford a wedding of our dreams. All I need to do is join the group. You are not even required to post anything, you can be a "lurker" and be happy and contented. All you need is TIME to read tons of emails. NO JOKE, I have like more than a 100 mails in my email box. But there, I was able to trim down all my suppliers to top 3 and I can just get their contact information and set an appointment to meet up with them. Isn't that nice? (aawww, now I'm reminiscing).

Thanks Ms. Benz and John for this yahoogroup!!!! They are LOVED, really, by the community!!! Happy supplier hunting for those soon-to-be-weds!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Congratulations!!! You look lovely in your wedding dress! :D


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