Thursday, January 31, 2008 smell terrific!

Aaahhh, fragrance, really can make me smile! I am a bit tone deaf, but God blessed me with a strong sense of smell. I can sniff like a dog! I'm a type of person who can relate a certain smell to a certain event. I can still remember my "victoria secret's body spray" as my movie date scent. My Elizabeth Arden's True Love as my Junior Prom moment. The Gianni Versace Red Jeans as my "highschool" life scent. I could go on forever....
For those who are not that familiar with the fragrance world, let me give you a bit of Fragrance 101. (hehee...that's the only level I know haha)

Different types of perfumes are categorized based on the concentration of the perfume oil. (concentration would include the percentage or volume). Types listed below (from strongest down to the lightest) :
  • Perfume extract
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Eau de Toilette
  • Eau de Cologne
Always bear in mind when buying fragrance is to note down that the more concentrated a perfume is, the scent will be stronger and will last longer. But the most important thing is, you like the smell (on yourself) and not because it smells good from a fragrance counter, or because a friend smells nice on it. Just listen to yourself, shall I say, listen to your nose when it comes to fragrance shopping. Below are my favorite fragrance , I will list down when I usually use them :) ENJOY the scent searching!

Gucci Envy Me
Eau de Toilette Spray

This is floral fruity fragrance. Smells so good, the first time I came across this fragrance was in Hong Kong. I was at Time Square and I literally STOPPED and was sniffing like a dog on the street. It was super new and expensive at that time, but I didn't care! I bought it on spot.

Good for daily use. Day dates or even going to school or work :)

Lacoste Touch of Pink
Eau de Toilette Spray

Floral and fun!!!! This is very young and vibrant kinda feeling. Very light like summer all the time

Daily use, for work, school, dates, etc..

Paris Hilton Heiress
Eau de Parfum

This is quite new as this was just introduced by Paris year 2006. The bottle is quite attractive as the whole back of the perfume as a mirror on it . (though I don't it you're gonna carry this on your bag and pull it out everytime you need a mirror)

The smell is sweet, bubblegum-like.

Great for Daily use. My hubby commented me EVERY TIME (no joke) and just can't stop hugging me *aaawww*

Carolina Herrera

Eau de Toilette / Eau de Parfum

For me, this has the most unique and cutest bottle EVAH! This is quite old already and a lot of department stores don't sell it anymore as they have the newer scents like Sexy or Chic etc..

This has a subtle "perfumy" smell. A little drop or spray can be enough to last through the day. I did my own research on this, the product acted like a perfume but they consider this an EDT (Eau de toilette).

Love love love to use this on dates, or a whole day affair where you know you can't reapply your perfume.

J'adore by Christian Dior
Eau de Parfum

A total feminine , sparkly fresh floral smell. Can last all day.

What I love about this perfume is that the scent can last really long and the scent changes with your body. The smell is different from the first time you sprayed it on your body, compared to noon and evenings. I don't know if its just me. But I did noticed the evolution of this smell. So worth it, it's like having at least 2 separate perfume in one bottle :)

What about you guys? What's your fragrance?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've been a long-time fan of fragrances by Hugo Boss (Boss Women and Hugo Woman). But for the past few months, my scent has been Nina by Nina Ricci (the one that comes in a crystalline apple bottle). This fragrance has a fresh fruity, floral scent, which I love. I'm nearly finished with my 50ml bottle. Probably won't repurchase as I want to try something new!

  2. Yes Liz, I do that as well, I don't usually repurchase the same fragrance as I wanted something new and refreshing! The only product I repurchased is my Gucci Envy Me :) Enjoy fragrance searching :D

  3. Oh I remember Gucci's Envy Me, a very sexy scent! :) I like something that's a bit less 'in your face' (nothing too strong or musky). What would you recommend?

  4. You're more into floral? Musky? Citrus?

    For light,fresh kinda smelling fragrance, go for Cologne! I recommend --
    1. Gucci Rush 2
    2. Maria Sharapova for Women
    3. Clinique Happy - this one is quite old already, but it can still do its job to make us HAPPY!

    hope this helps , tell me how your next fragrance shopping goes

  5. Definitely something light and refreshing for me and NO musk! That said, I do like fragrances that have lasting power. Some don't last even a full hour!

    I've heard good reviews of Clinique Happy. Hmmm, perhaps that'll be my next purchase. Will report back!

  6. Yes, its been out there for quite some time now. I guess that's why they made the Clinique Happy the Happy version sold quite a lot!!! Goodluck! happy shopping and will hear from you again! :D

  7. Hi Nikki! I went to the local shopping centre and tried out a few fragrances. I love Gucci's Envy Me!!! Althought it's an Eau de Toilette Spray, it has great lasting power - it's been nearly 6 hours since I sprayed it on my wrist and I can still smell it. :) I'm torn between that and The Body Shop's new Aqua Lily Eau De Toilette.... -_-

  8. Yay Liz!!! I'm so happy you love Gucci Envy Me as I do!!!! It smells superb!!!! Eau de toilette is fine i believe especially you don't want the "I'm wearing perfume" smell :)

    Body Shop..hmm..I love the body shop cologne as well problem is, it doesn't last on me :)

  9. I can still smell, albeit faintly, the Aqua Lily Eau De Toilette. I sprayed it on my left wrist perhaps 40 minutes before the Gucci Envy Me on my right. Both are still there. Hmmmm.... I'm really torn!!!

  10. Go with your gut feeling! I'm sure you'll do well in choosing :D

  11. Hmmmm, I'll wait till I finish my Nina. Knowing me, I probably will end up getting the cheaper TBS one... and afterwards I'm still pining for Envy Me, I'd go and get that without feeling too bad. :P

  12. hahaha Sure!!! Can't wait to hear your adventure

  13. I'll report back for sure!

  14. Nikki, I got The Body Shop ones today - Aqua Lily Eau De Toilette and Aqua Lily Perfume Oil. I also got the Aqua Lily Shower Gel for free (some store promotion, buy €30 and get a free shower gel). All in, it cost me less than the Gucci Envy Me 30ml (which goes for €40 here)! I'm going to finish my Nina Ricci and then go all out with Aqua Lily!!

  15. Good for you! thanks for the update!!! Can't wait for you to use your new scent. Lucky you, you use up one and go to the next. Me, every time I bought a new scent, I would use it the next day!

  16. My current fragrance favorites are :
    1. Stella Rose Absolute (I don't think she is making this anymore..but I still have 1/2 a bottle from 2 Christmases ago):always gets noticed by other women!
    2. Hard Candy: good for feeling a little sexy during the day-lots of vanilla
    3. Dolce and Gabbana (the red top): incredible!! It is like wearing incense, very sexy ( I like this even better than Agent Provocateur)

    4. Today (by Avon); AMazing! Smells like flowers just dripped on you in Hawaii

    5. Bronzed Bombshell (Bath and BodyWorks): a perfect summer weekend or daytime scent, with coconut, and flowers

  17. Lipglossgirl, thanks for commenting and Today (by Avon) sounds very interesting!!! I have to check it out :)

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