Monday, January 28, 2008

Smashbox Beyond Beauty Encounter Brush Kit

P4,500 at the Beauty Bar

Teeee heee...I am smiling like crazy when my husband bought this brush set for me. He knew my passion for HMUs, and I was salivating like HELL when the sales lady at the Beauty Bar showed me this uberly cute limited edition brush set. I honestly felt so guilty about him spending so much on this brush set. He kept on insisting that it's worth it as I've been buying brushes separately for quite some time now and adding it all up, it's more expensive than this brush set.
I was told by the saleslady that the brushes are authentic hairs bleached into white. I wasn't believing her as the hairs are super soft and there's no smell AT ALL! And going home and researching on it, I was right! It is made of synthetic hair but I didn't feel down at all as the brushes are darling!!! It's soft, it doesn't hurt the skin and it blends my make up perfectly well!!! What I'm not impressed with is the white case, as you need to "snap" the brushes back to its location and I kinda twinged everytime I do that. I felt like it's hurting my precious brushes. So I suggest, if you're using your brushes at home, put your brushes in a pen boxes or pencil cases instead of putting it back in this white case.
Be sure to wash your brushes or clean it up with a wet tissue everytime you use it. As brushes can be a home base for bacteria. Enjoy the brushes! Love it as much as I do!!! :D

Have you seen this brush set from Smashbox?
 What's your favorite Smashbox brush?

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Stay happy!

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