Monday, January 28, 2008

What I'm Luvin' Right now

I am Lurvin' this product line!!! My friend had her hair rebonded and for a year plus, I can see a straight shiny hair from her!!! I just can't help but ask what shampoo she's using. She told me about The Face Shop's Changpo product line. I can't even seem to remember the name and all I did was go to the Face Shop and ask for their "IT" shampoo and conditioner!!! They are OUT OF STOCK!!! I had to reserve from them and ask them to give me a call as soon as they have the stock!!!

Almost a year had passed, and miraculously, I am still using this hair care product line (I am a two-timer when it comes to hair products). I'm an avid fan of the Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo, Conditioner and the Hair Coating Essence. Though the product says "magic straight" , do not expect a rebonded straight look if you've got wavy or curly hair. This product line is best for naturally straight or rebonded hair. They've got another product line called Changpo Wave Volume Up (This is intended for wavy hair). I am so luvin this product because it smells really good!!! My husband just can't stop talking about how good my hair smells. And the good thing? My hair is indeed softer and more manageable, the conditioner doesn't wear down my hair. And the added 2 drops of serum makes my hair shine!!! ---- BEA friend, thanks!

This is available at all The Face Shop branches for P355.00 each. The Hair coating essence is around P295.00.

Have you tried this brand?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Hi,

    Is it okay if I use only the conditioner?


  2. hi i have rebonded my hair with the Chinese hair stylist in Dubai and they are so good.. my question do you have same treatment like them?


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