Saturday, February 23, 2008

Affordable E/S Review Part 1

A lot of eye shadows of different brands ranging from expensive to not-so expensive to cheap nowadays. With ladies like me spending quite a lot on different make up tools and products, e/s is the last thing in mind to over spend. Especially with a lot of us out there who are quite unsure on how to apply shadows. That is why I thought of doing a bit of my personal research and reviews on affordable e/s and how well they perform.

VOV Eyeshadow in Color No. 0201
(approx. Php 89.75 prices depends on sales promotion and discounts)

This is how it looks like the back side, they don't have the color names
but the sales lady do have their own names written

I rubbed the e/s using my finger and this is how the color looks like on my skin

My hand as a swatch below....

Askmewhats says ---

Ok ok, if this is a BLAH color for you guys, well let me explain (defensive eh? hehehe). The reason why I bought this color because, I want a neutral color to serve as my E/S base. And of course, this is a first for me to purchase VOV, just in case this won't work out, at least, it's still a safe color to use.

Pros ---
  • Very affordable
  • Have a lot of colors to choose from
  • It's packaging is simple, yet it doesn't look cheap
  • Blends easily
  • Lasts half a day (based on dry skinned test)

Cons --- (I really don't have much right to complain because of its affordable price, but, I still do have something to say, hehehe spare me...)

  • As seen in the photo above when rubbed with my finger, there's a bit of bumps so its not TOTALLY smooth, but in VOV's defense, if I used an e/s brush, it's application is quite smooth.

Tips ---
  • With this nice neutral color, you can use this as a highlighter (for the eyes) applied just below the browbone
  • You can use this color as an overall highlighter for the face as well
Will I repurchase?
Yes, different colors

Your askmewhats,


  1. VOV... that's a Korean brand that I've not heard of. You are right about the colour, it's great for base. The texture looks matte... do they have any with shimmer?

  2. Yes they have a lot of shades with shimmers, matte, etc... And I believe its more pigmented than that of the Face Shop :D

  3. this color call Light Beige ( just on Korean language ):)

  4. i have that eyeshadow shade too! I use it as base. It have dry skin too.. I love VOV coz its not expensive but the quality is good. Im also using their famous Cover Foundation =)

  5. Thanks Anastacia, great to have someone who can read the language and translate for all of us! :)

    Khymm, yes! they have wonderful e/s colors and great payoff! Very affordable pa! you are right!

  6. where can you buy vov products?

  7. Hi Anonymous, SM malls sell them also Landmark :) If you're from the Philippines

  8. hello,

    i am a new visitor here.
    since you cant read the Hangguel, (the korean characters) in VOV, i can help you a bit.
    The color is LIGHT BEIGE. actually, they use the English name for colors but the use their own characters.


  9. the VOV products, do they still sell them in Landmark and SM??? do they have there the Ball on Cheek???

  10. Dahee, oh! Thank you so much for the translation ! Very sweet of you!

    Anonymous, yes, you can still find VOV products at Landmark and even SM Malls! I've seen them at SM Megamall Beauty by SM section. I am not sure about the Ball on Cheek though.


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