Friday, February 22, 2008

Dior Kiss-able Lips

I've been a lip gloss person since the lip glosses came out! I've tried tons and tons of glosses but I never finish up one tube. I will definitely post more glosses soon but for now, I am going to show you guys my Dior Kiss gloss in RED CURRANT.

Here's how it looks like. (below) This one is in their limited edition tube 8ml - 7.6g. This was bought at the Duty Free Shop for a pack of 5 different shades for $36.00

Look just how glossy it is and it has tiny sparks of gold specks.

When applied, it doesn't look too reddish as seen in the packaging. It has just the right amount of shimmer and gloss and it's not too sticky. Tastes yummy.

Taken with flash, look how shiny it is. It reflects the light and it doesn't look too made up!

Askmewhats says ---

This is nice, I will definitely finish up this tube (I can feel it). First because it is not too big..hehehe..and second, it tastes wonderful, third, it just felt so right! Felt like lip balm

Tip ---

Just because you're using a gloss, please do not skip your HG lip balm to protect and moisturize your lippies.

Will I purchase this again? ---
Yes, if I manage to finish up the rest and buy a new shade

How about you guys? Any glosses you found that deserves attention?

Your askmewhats,


  1. Lovely lips! And the colour is nice too. :P

    My all-time favourite lipgloss has got to be Bourjois's 'Effect 3D' and 'Eau de Gloss' (non-sticky). I also like MAC's 'Tinted Lipglass' and 'Lipgelée'. I use Lancôme's Juicy Tubes from time to time; they are pretty, but too sticky.

  2. I KNOW! I had lancome juicy tubes and it really is SUPER STicky! But I guess a lot of magazines and reviewers liked it and given them good ranking.

    I hate it! We don't have bourjois here, not unless i order online! :) I'll keep that in mind!!! Can't wait for my next travel ! hehehe

    Mac is Good? Hmm, I have to give it a try myself

  3. Do look for Bourjois when you travel next. They are sometimes in airport duty free shops (in Europe usually).

    MAC... well.... it is good, but I wouldn't recommend it if it's expensive over there. In the US, it's kind of mid range (lipglosses are around USD15), but in other countries, it can be rather high-end (like here, the same lipgloss is around 17 euros = USD26; most MAC products here are 2-2.5 times the US price). There are cheaper alternatives! :P

  4. oohh thanks for the tip! You're right! MAC is quite expensive! and you are Right again! There are a lot of good glosses out there! I just need to look around! hehehe

  5. :D Let me know if you find anything nice!!

  6. Of course!!! I'll let you know as soon as i find a really good and pocket friendly one :D

  7. My most fave gloss is my laura mercier one in's light and smells good...fairly pigmented and the color is perfect!!

    I really wanna try that YSL gloss that's said to have 24-carat-gold flecks in them...(@__@) I think it's called golden gloss..but $30 for a gloss??? my goodness...I don't know if it's available here...

    anyway enjoyed this review....might give dior a try if i have the extra moolah...:))


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