Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Soft Skin

In today's world of whitening products, everyone is just crazy with all the whitening soaps. I myself changed soaps so many times I can't even keep track on the brands I've used. I am suffering the consequences today, for taking care too much of my face but not my body!

Since temperature isn't that bad and weather is a bit cool the past months, I have always been scratching my legs, my arms, my tummy, my back. And since I've got sensitive skin, I've always been blaming my allergies. I really do have allergies but this time, my anti-allergy medication doesn't work.

After 2 or 3 months of scratching, I have finally realized the root of all evil. My dry skin! I have been using whitening soaps, germicidal soaps, or any soaps that smell soooo darn good. I didn't even realized I am the "devil".

I've then decided to invest my time searching for the right soap, I wanted something Simple, Basic and Pure. And the answer wasn't in soap form...

JnJ says ---

With one third baby lotion to leave skin perfectly baby soft.

Best for Baby
Johnson's baby softwash is a gentle No more Tears baby wash moisturising the skin to protect its perfect baby softness whilst washing.

Best for You
New softwash will make your skin feel baby soft every time you wash While washing the gentle moisturisers of the baby lotion will help to restore skin's moisture balance for perfect baby soft skin

* gentle and effective cleansing
* contains baby lotion
* pH balanced

Askmewhats says ---

You know what? This for me is my HG! Simple moisturizing cream that is good for the skin yet, it has it's added factor of smelling OH SO GOOD! I don't care if it doesn't whiten my skin, I don't care if it's a bit more complicated to use. This product, in just a couple of days stopped my flakiness, stopped my itching and I literally can skip lotion application (which is unusual as I apply my Victoria Secret lotion religiously every morning and evening).

I don't need to type in Pros and Cons as this..for a PRO!!!!!!!! For all you "itchy and scratchy" gals out there, give this a try. It won't hurt for such a good price.

Your askmewhats,

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