Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Face Shop : The Flower Silky Make Up Foundation Review

** Available at all The Face Shop stores available in NB21 and NB23 for approx Php 795.00

The Face Shop (TFS) has already been in the buzz for quite sometime now and I believe almost everybody who's into make up especially in ASIA would know or have already tried at least one or two of TFS products.

I myself was a Face Shop addict, I even had TFS goodies for my bridal entourage as I love their products so much :) Funny thing? I've passed the stage but I'll do some product reviews on the products I've used as I've finished them up anyways.

TFS Says --

For all skin type
The name ‘THE FLOWER’ comes from its ingredients. Made with mineral-enriched edible flowers such as Rose Jasmine Chamomile and more these flower petals have been grinded into micro-pigments with an advanced technology to provide flawless moisturized and luminous skin.

Skin-friendly natural wax extracted from Olive protects moisture loss and provides silky finish. Skin looks comfortable and naturally beautiful.

Askmewhats Says --

I honestly used the tester and applied it all over my face and neck and waited for more than 10 minutes to check if I'm allergic to this product or not. I strongly recommend everyone to TEST the product (that's what testers are for) and do not be pressured into buying. As you will be spending your hard earned money and you want to make sure it's going to be worth it!

Pros --

  • Very nice packaging
  • Have a faint smell but isn't strong enough to make you sneeze
  • True to their word, it is Skin Friendly!
  • Very light and doesn't cake
  • With the right shade, it looks natural and doesn't make you look too made up

Cons --

  • Not for heavy coverage. If you have scars or acne, concealer is needed
  • Because of its "dewy" look, OILY skinned peeps out there, BEWARE hehehe. (joking, you only need to pat loose powder to set the look)

Will I repurchase?

*evil laugh* bwahahahaha I'm not even halfway done with this bottle. I'm using a new liquid foundation now *arrrghhh* I KNOW! Why can't I just finish (just ONE) product? hehehe Don't get me wrong, I love this but it was Cover Girl's fault they have a new liquid foundation that I like. hehehe

Additionals --

Sample photo from my engagement party. It is indeed "dewy" looking. And it was more than 4 hours later :D It did stay put :D

**aawww, reminiscing this moment. The day was 7-7-07, my Eva Longoria moment :P

Your askmewhats,


  1. The Face Shop... Korean brand invasion in Manila??

    I've never used their foundation before, just 1 eyeshadow (a light yellow/vanilla which I use as a highlighter) and a lipgloss quad. I think the most appealing aspect of this brand is the packaging! :P

    And I love your engagement picture - you look so pretty!! :)

  2. Yes you are right on! Their packaging are heavenly and their shop looks like a candy store for me :) How'd you like their E/S? I always tried their testers but never mustered the courage to buy their shadows! I just can't seem to choose with all the colors available. Is it pigmented? With the testers, it looks like their not pigmented enough :D

    Thanks for saying I look pretty hehehe

  3. You are right on about the pigmentation of the e/s. I only have that one e/s from Face Shop. I don't like the colour very much (I asked my Korean friend to pick up a beige e/s, and she picked up this one from FS, but it's not really beige, it's a very very light yellow/lemon, which doesn't really flatter my skin tone, but works as a highlighter). The texture is fine, but it's hard to pick up the colour. My experience with lots of Asian brands (Japanese & Korean mainly) is that their colours aren't heavily pigmented. I suppose it has to do with Asians preferring subtle looks? The other Korean brand that I've used more of is Etude. Again, pretty colours, but not pigmented enough for me.

  4. this is phased out! i want this so bad :[[[[[[


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