Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML)

** Available at Rustan's and Marionnaud (approx Php 2,300)

My husband was the first who used this product, he used a certain cream for his breakouts that made his face really dry and flaky. All my moisturizers at that time were scented, so I finally remembered this moisturizer (from a Clinique trial pack), he used it for a week and it worked well on him. This product is indeed good for sensitive skin, or good when you are on a treatment.

I know this is included in the 3-steps program of Clinique, since it worked well for my hubby, I gave it a try myself. The thing is, the product says its "fragrance free", either my nose is doing its tricks on me, but I do believe there is a slight smell on this product. It's not a bad smell, but it smells like..hmmm...a magazine? hahaha I know this comparison is weird, but try to flip a new magazine and you have this really nice smell, that's what I'm thinking of each time I'm using the DDML.

Anyways, back to the lotion, this does do justice to my skin, I didn't wake up with spots or itchiness (as I have super sensitive/allergy prone skin), instead, I woke up with soft skin. The thing is, the researcher in me was doing this research on this product, and I've read from one reviewer that this DDML works well with the Clinique's Moisture surge gel (MSG) -- I'll do a separate review on this one. I did used it together for a week, and I'm starting to see breakouts (not sure if its because of the time of the month or because of these 2 products).

So, my final judgment is, to use this product Alone, nighttime before I sleep.

Will I repurchase? Not sure, I may, I may not. If there are any dramatical changes within the next months, I will let you guys know

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  1. I used to use the Clinique 3-step program, about 8 years ago. I had kind of a combination skin at the time and the products in this range were the best combat. I recall the Clinique girl telling me to use the MSG on top of the DDML on areas that I feel dry (cheeks most of the time) and it worked rather well. However, after a couple of years, my skin went even drier (because of non-makeup related issue) and neither did the DDML or the MSG work anymore. What's worth, the toner seemed to have dried out my skin even more. :(

    I'm still a big fan of Clinique, though I actually don't use any of their products anymore. I'm a fan because I believe their skin-care products to be of high quality (especially the eye cream and City Block SPF). But their products seem to aim at a younger audience (I think they deal with oily or combination better).

    Still, it's so nice that you finally discovered a moisturiser that works for you!!

  2. oohh I don't like the toner as well, i felt like it did dry out my skin :)

    Wow, for younger peeps? well, I acted YOUNG! hehehe thanks for this

    1. The toner works great with my skin. What’s your skin type? :)
      ~Pauline @Eucerin Philippines

  3. hi, I want to try this DDML but still I am hesitant about it.

    Are you still using it? and does it really hydrates your skin?

  4. @Anonymous If you have dry patches or dry skin, you'll appreciate this, but of course it depends on each individual! Yes, I still use it on "dry patches" but since I finished 2 huge bottles of this, my skin is much better :D


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